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sabi klein art morning after art on white brick wall

Discover Sabi Klein Art & Win a Piece worth $650

I’ve been absolutely smitten with Sabi Klein art ever since I discovered it on the blog a few years back.

What makes Sabi’s artworks so amazing is that they’re bright, bold and full of life. They’re the kind of pieces that make for great focal points in a space. And there’s nothing about them that suggests they’ll fade into the background.

It’s ‘talking point’ kind of art, come to think of it, and in today’s post I’m giving you the opportunity to win some of your own Sabi Klein art – valued at $650! You’re welcome 😉

melbourne artist sabi klein art at home

Sabi Klein’s Spring Series

The eye-catching artwork you see in this post is called Morning After. It’s part of Sabi’s spring series and I find the colours in it so invigorating and joyous.

“I started this series a few years ago and love painting it,” Sabi tells me. “The colours just make me happy, and to me it’s all about the exciting possibilities of starting new chapters”.  

Inspired by a variety of moments and moods from her everyday life, Sabi’s approach to each artwork is to let it develop organically without too much force.

“I never sketch an idea or pre plan it as it always feels too forced,” she explains. “I like to organically ‘play’ with the painting and let it almost create itself. The painting will change from day to day and each painting has many layers to it”.

morning after sabi klein art bright abstract art on white wall

Creating the Right Environment

Sabi paints her pieces from her home studio. It’s a fairly recent luxury for the Melbourne creative, who prior to moving houses a little while ago, was working out of a warehouse studio.

Sabi tells me that she’s been able to make the home studio the perfect space to unleash her creativity.

“I absolutely love it. This is where I feel I can be the most free, turn up the music, switch off the brain from everything going on around me and just paint. I lose track of time most days. For me, it’s about the energy in the room, it has to be right. I can’t even put into words how I know it’s right, it’s just a feeling in my gut”.

Sabi goes on to reveal that it’s music that gets her in the mood to create the most; setting the tone for her day and playing a large part in how her paintings turn out.

Original Art vs Mass Produced

With so many mass-produced artworks on the market now, it’s so great to see local artists putting in the hard yards to produce original pieces for clients.

“There is no other person in the world that owns that particular painting,” Sabi tells me, of the importance of making original works. “It’s a one of a kind – and that is why original paintings are so important and valued. I think if you are lucky enough to own at least one original painting in your life, then that is great.

Great indeed! I couldn’t agree more. I also love that Sabi is a self-taught artist, so her work is always evolving.

bright abstract sabi klein art on white brick wall

Win this Piece of Sabi Klein Art

Sabi has been kind enough to give a lucky TLC reader one of her original paintings, framed in Australian oak, measuring 64cm x 64cm.

To go in the draw to win the Morning After artwork you see above:

  • Drop a comment below naming what you love about Sabi and her work
  • It wouldn’t hurt to give Sabi a follow on Instragram here either.

Competition open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Tuesday September 26

This competition has now closed. Thankyou to all the entrants and congratulations to Anisha.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (57)

  • Melissa Baker

    Loving Sabi’s technique and hues. whilst i love some cheap and cheerful art (mass produced) there is nothing more delightful than an artwork that has been crafted by the heart

  • Adam

    I love that the artwork is bold, yet calming. In particular, Morning After reminds me of my beloved 80s cartoons, especially Jem and the Holograms! It’s nostalgic and modern (for me).

  • Natasha Andrews

    I love original art – especially paintings! I am not a fan of mass produced art at all – the closest I have are limited edition prints of original art (I like knowing mine is #11 of only 50) this painting by Sabi is so vibrant – and I am a huge fan of colour!! It is bring vibrant art like this that means I can add pops of colour to my predominately neutral lounge room.

  • Tracey

    There’s something about great art like hje piece by Sabi above, that for me is like a great piece of music. It makes you feel something. I can only imagine how great the night before must have been if this is the morning after! I would love to see that every day and smile.

  • Melissa

    I love how vibrant and colourful the paintings are. We have a colourful living room and sometimes find it hard to find something fun to put on the walls as everything in the shops seems a bit dull! This piece would be perfect as it matches the colours we already have in there! ❤

  • Diana Hartigan

    Love everything about this painting – especially the glorious colours. Would love to hang it in my home.

  • Alicia

    I feel that Sabi’s art has a very romantic feel to it, the brush strokes telling a story with each piece. I love the bold colours used, they are balanced beautifully drawing the eye in – really making a statement.

    I have been wanting to get some art for my unit and wasn’t sure what direction to go in, these pieces aren’t what have thought of but I love everything I saw on Sabi’s website – so so beautiful. Even if I don’t win I am so glad you have introduced me to such an amazing artist!! It’s a win win already 🙂

  • Jess Mohr

    Sabi’s artwork is absolutely stunning. The colours and designs are so on trend and would brighten up any room in the house.

  • Terri

    I just discovered Sabi recently on Facebook and The attraction to her happy tones and clean lines was instant. We are looking to cover some bare white walls with the right original piece. It would be super to win one of Sabi’s eye stoppers!!

  • Jules

    The vibrant colours & the unique style equals love in my eyes. So in love with Sabi’s UGG boots too! Love love love <3

  • Jessica

    I love the colours – so bright yet so peaceful at the same time. I also love that it is a gorgeous original piece. I would be the perfect addition to my very bland walls.

  • Joan Blond

    I love Sabi’s paintings!! I think her clever choice of colours are exquisite & clever. I would adore this divine painting – good luck to everyone ❤️ Joan

  • Elyse

    I love Sabi’s work! I have on of her originals and what I love most is every time I walk past it I notice something different, a different texture or I different colour! I would really love a second piece to admire!!!

  • Jodie

    This piece has a beautiful spring feel!! I love the colours and textures in this piece! The framing is stunning too. I would love having this to brighten up my home. Just beautiful!!!

  • Shelley

    I love the bright bold colours and that the art works are unplanned. It’s amazing that the pieces just evolve as she is creating them! This piece would look amazing on my wall, I’d love to win it, the only original painting I own so far is one of my dads (which is pretty cool too!)

  • Bridget

    I love that it’s all my favourite colours in one piece of artwork. What more can I say except love love love it!

  • Anita

    Love how Sabi’s artwork reminds me of spring time in Japan, with beautiful blues and pink’s remenicent of cherry blossoms against a beautiful blue, cloudless sky. The layering and choice of colours pop, and would suit my living room perfectly!

  • Jenny

    Just love the choice of colour and how each piece is unique . I’m not going to see her work in someone else’s home . Thanks for introducing me to her. Impressed!

  • Anisha

    Chris this is exactly what i look for in art! Unique, calming and locally made! I have been following Sabi and her adorable pup for a little while, an am always so impressed by how unique her work is! As always, love that you’re supporting and promoting australian talent

    • Gavin Thomas

      We have a winner! We’ve sent you an email with next steps. Congrats.

  • Taryn

    This is such an amazing piece! I love Sabi’s attitude to the creative process – the way she describes letting a painting come organically to life without planning is very inspiring. I love that a 100 people could see this piece and everyone will see something different – its one of a kind in more ways than one! The colours are amazing.

  • Courtney Dettman

    For me her works all represent happiness, almost as if they are a celebration of life itself.

  • Yana

    Love the layers, texture and colours and the emotions that are stirred up when you look at the piece.

  • Jewel

    You have to be truly gifted to be a self taught artist, Sabi Klein certainly shows s that. The colours in this piece are truly stunning. Such an eye catcher. I could look at this all day and not tire of it.

    • Wendi Fraser

      Love the way Sabi is not afraid to use colour, to make a statement . Her work creates happiness and makes you feel proud that it is not massed produced

  • Jo

    I am completely in love with Sabi’s works, especially the Spring Rain series. I recently organised one of the series as a gift for my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday and although I visit her home almost daily, I never tire of looking at it. The colours she uses are beautiful and take me to my happy place! I love the pinks and blues she uses in the Spring Rain series. They are just stunning.

  • Kimberley w

    This sabi artwork is stunning. Visually clever and intriguing, as the longer you look at it the story it invokes changes. To me first glance the bright pink plumes are like soft flowers, look again perhaps I see flamingos by the water, again ladies in pink. This piece of Sabi’s will speak to many people due to this quality, as well as b KGB able to slide into different interior home styles.

  • Marie

    The colours in Sabi’s painting almost vibrate and seem to jump off the canvas. I adore more abstract art as you are forever seeing new shapes and forms evolve. From a distance this painting makes me think of flamingos standing in brilliant blue water while the sun sets…just glorious!

  • Tammerly

    Oh Sabi you are so talented! Love watching you paint, it looks so relaxing. This artwork would complete my bedroom! In fact, it would look perfect on any wall!

  • Domenica

    It’s like a little ray of sunshine, right there in a painting. Absolutely love the spring colours and abstract is my favourite style of painting. I don’t own a piece of original art, unless you count my kids’ art!

  • Jade

    Layers! Layers of technique and meaning. The fact each piece is unique makes them not only special, but desirable.
    They are opalescent, uplifting and overall fantastic!

  • Trudie

    Love the colour palette & mix of oak frame.
    Something for every room of the house, including the kids. Hello Spring & new inspiration for home decorating. Love your work TLC & Sabi Klein Art. We’d love you in our home xx

  • Clare

    Being a painter myself, I can fully understand the zen mode that’s involved with painting. But I have never been able to do let go and create abstract art! What I love the most is the individual style that comes through and Sabi’s certainly got a fabulous, free style.

  • Selina

    Love this artwork by Sabi Klein – the title and the painting conjures up an image of a garden the morning after a big storm; where everything is washed clean and looking fresh.

  • Deborah Sugden

    I love the colours, they gently shout Spring and the awakening of new life. I’d love this unique Sabi original to complement the renos we’re doing, going from dark and gloomy to beachy happiness

  • Emily

    Her art is so vibrant and colourful! Such positive vibes

  • Alice

    Wow there is so much to love about her artwork – how do I narrow it down?! I love that each piece feels so cohesive and yet so individual. I also love that each person can look at a piece of her work and see something different in it. I love that the same person can look at the same painting on a different day, and see something new in it.

  • Courtney

    I don’t profess to know much about art but Sabi’s work is so easy to love. In this piece I particularly love the colours (turquoise being my favourite colour) and would absolutely love to own it and be able to enjoy it everyday.

  • Elyse

    I absolutely love Sabi’s work! I’ve followed her for a couple of years and lucky enough to have one piece! What I love most is every time I walk past it I notice on a new texture or shine or colour! My fav artist and have wanted to save for another piece!! Love her work!

  • Katie

    Thanks for introducing me to Sabi and her artwork. I’ll definitely head over and follow her on instagram.. firstly because her artwork looks divine!! Secondly, not owning an original/high quality piece of art is something I dream of. Having little kids, a self employed business and being in the depths of a whole house Reno means big ticket items are on the back burner just now and lastly… I love a successful underdog. Not being formally trained and creating such beautiful art means true talent to me.

  • Amy

    I absolutely love the life in them. Sabi has some beautiful examples on her Instagram account how her art can truly bring a room to life.

  • Amy brown

    Every art work is so full of life! I love that, people need that in their homes, with people struggling with. Any different ailments, what a great artist she is to bring bright and bold into the home

  • Pix

    Sanity bring Texture, Luxe and Contrast to her art which any TLC subscriber would love.

  • Adele Smith

    With colours like these it’s easy to make design and décor choices picking up the colour from the artwork, whilst also making a statement on it’s own.

  • Tahlia

    I love her outlook on how artwork shouldnt be forced and create itself almost, vibrant colours that would make anyone happy but overall i like sabi’s passion for creating such vibrant pieces

  • Vee

    Where do I start?! What draws me most to Sabi’s work is her use of colour – always bold and bright but never overpowering. I also love the textures created through the blend of various inks in her pieces, Soft Glow in particular.

  • Kasey z

    Eeeeeeep I am madly in love with Sabi’s paintings… the bright colours are pure joy .. her paintings make me want to sing that sing Glorious!! Glorious!! I would not be able to glance at this beauty without breaking into a huge smile I especially love it as our house is crying out for some serious colour .. it’s currently white, grey and wood and this would hang in our living room breathing life, colour and warmth into the room!! Love love love xx

  • Nina

    These artworks are one of a kind! Stunningly beautiful and will make any home feel cozy. This painting will suit our newly built house. Good luck and everyone and congrats to the lucky winner in advance.

  • Sasha

    I have been following Sabi’s journey on Instagram for the last year. Her modern and bold techniques make her pieces unique and unforgettable. I would love to have a piece of Sabi’s talent hanging on my walls so others can be mesmerised by her talent too.

  • Jodey

    I love love Sabi’s work,, its bright colourful and energetic. I have always wanted one and would die to win this prize!!!

  • Annabel Foster

    So stunning! I love that Sabi works organically to create these beautiful pieces. Each piece of art is one of a kind, and I think the happy colours would be a very special and welcome addition to the new chapter my family and I are starting in our new home. <3

  • Tess

    I love that Sabi is a self taught artist, it’s admirable to see an Australian artist enjoying great success from their creativity. I’m so attracted to these pieces, I love the vibrancy, energy and joy that they bring and would be honoured to hang this particular beauty in my home.

  • Anita Bocquee

    It’s bright, it’s fresh and looking at it makes you feel happiness and joy at being alive – LOVE it! Oh and it has my three favourite colours – pink, orange and aqua perfection!

  • Jo woodall

    Loving the texture lines and bold colours.. would be proud to hang this beautiful piece in my home.

  • Chanelle Winterburn

    Sabi Klein’s artwork is bold and fun! The combinations of colour and patterns are inviting and evoke feelings of fun and enjoyment! Very appropriate feelings for a spring collection! I am now a fan too!

  • Ivonne

    Starting my education on style and art inspo and putting value on art as a keepsake, memory and a pleasure much like photos.. cherish and enjoy them.

  • sharyn w

    i adore her vibrancy and aliveness of her art pieces – they would bring a room alive and draw people’s eyes to it – the colours blow me away and i adore her work


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