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Black Skulls and Roses Bedding from Sanctuary Boutique Bedding on The Life Creative

Meet Sanctuary Boutique Linens + Win a Bedding Pack worth up to $339.95!

I first encountered Sanctuary Boutique Linens at this year’s Life Instyle trade show. Their dynamic Black Skulls & Roses pillow cases – which adorned a bed they’d set up in their stall – caught my eye from miles away.

As I got closer to the stall and realised that they’d paired the pillowcases with a diamond-print flat sheet and equally stunning quilt, I wanted to run in slow motion toward the bed like a scene from a movie, dive in and declare it ‘the one’.

Black Skulls and Roses Bedding from Sanctuary Boutique Bedding on The Life Creative

But because getting into display beds in public is frowned upon and I was concerned I’d encounter a situation with security, I simmered my excitement, politely gushed over how much I adored the collection and told the lovely lady behind the brand, Simone Rennard, that I simply had to have her on the blog.

So here we are! Let’s find out more about this local creative, her gorgeous bedding brand, and make sure you see below for details on how you can win some!

This is a TLC Solution for Sanctuary Boutique Linens.

What you Need to Know about Sanctuary Boutique Linens

Sanctuary Boutique Linens Black Skulls and Roses The Life Creative Blog

The biz is driven by Simone and her mum Anne, and was born in 2014.

“Mum and I had just finished studying Interior Design,” Simone tells me. “We were always drawn to textiles, wallpapers and patterns by designers such as Matthew Williamson and Christian Lacroix, and soon realised it was hard to get that patterned and unique look in the home at an affordable price. So we decided it was time to put some art on bedding and cushions”.

Art and Nature heavily influence the bedding designs.

You’ll continue to see this as a recurring theme throughout our ranges,” Simone explains. “The ethos behind our look is ‘elegant with an edge’. which makes us unique”.

Sanctuary Boutique Bedding Toucs and Tiges Bedding The Life Creative Blog

Choosing her fave design from the collection isn’t easy.

“It’s way too hard to play favourites with our designs. I change my bedroom every week depending on which quilt/sheet combo I feel like going with!”.

The range is designed to be mix-and-match.

“The beauty of our products is that they can be used in so many different ways,” Simone says. “My current bedroom look is greenery galore, including the Toucs & Tiges quilt and pillow cases paired with minty-green sheets. Next week it will probably be the Black Skulls & Roses design and charcoal sheets”.

Sanctuary Boutique Linens White Skulls and Roses Bedding The Life Creative blog

Life Instyle gave them the confidence to go global.

“Life Instyle Melbourne was such a great learning experience and the reaction was fantastic. Since then, we have exhibited at New York Now in August and will be back for Life InStyle Sydney in February”.

The future is looking bold and bright.

“We have some crazy cool patterns tucked up our sleeves that you’ll start to see appearing over the next few ranges. You’ll also see us add new products to our list of goodies but of course, you’ll have to wait and see”.

See the competition below for details on how to win a set!

White Skulls and Roses bedding from Sanctuary Boutique Bedding on The Life Creative


To go in the draw to win a quilt and two pillow cases valued at up to $339.95:

– Follow Sanctuary Boutique Linens and The Life Creative on Facebook
– Drop a comment below naming your fave design from the range and why.

Comp open to Australian residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Tuesday Sept 29.

This competition has now closed. The winner was Carly Tomlinson.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (45)

  • Jane Copeland Angus

    I love reading your blogs! These Sanctuary Boutique Linens are all so beautiful! My favourite would have to be the diamonds and cactus cushions combination. It’s so fresh and crisp looking but the cactus adds a bit of edge, my style all over! I do love the Toucs & Tiges design, so moody and colourful and would blend with so many styles. A great gift set that one would be!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such gorgeous quality linen! What an indulgence!

  • Jess

    I am IN LOVE with the skulls and roses duvet and sheet set!!

  • Shell Collard

    Snakes and peonies in blue/mauve or skulls and roses in grey or snakes and peonies in pink or…. How can one decide between such gorgeousness!

  • I so enjoy reading your blog. I know these two beautiful ladies personally and was lucky enough to study beside Anne. They are as lovely as there linen. I also own the skull and roses set and it is a dream to sleep with. Great read and great talent. Xxx

    • Anne Cook.

      Jo!!!!! You are such a darling and thank you for your kind words!!! We had so much fun studying together (notwithstanding that we were ‘mature age’ students managing lunch boxes and soccer runs). How fabulous is The Life Creative? So grateful that Chris has faith in us and our products. Love to you and family. Anne xoxoxoxo

  • Amber Foster

    I love the idea of mixing and matching these gorgeous bold designs!! Love the snakes and peonies and the skulls and roses sets. Paired with the diamonds sheet set, simply unique!! Well done ladies on designing a truly original range. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!!

  • Candice Holt

    I am completely, utterly and totally IN LOVE with the Snakes & Peonies blue and purple colour way….and I don’t even like snakes!! That said, I’d do anything to have them snakes on my bed!! Cactus cushions are also divine! These gals certainly have some talent and I cany wait to see future designs!

  • I really enjoyed reading your blog. I love all the designs. I can’t pick my favourite because it would be like trying to pick my favourite child. All the designs are stunning. Xx

  • carrie

    Loving the Skull and Roses print! It’s neutral and beachy, but makes you look twice!

  • Felicity

    I love the snakes and peonies pink! It’s so bright and just looks like aspiring! I can’t wait to get some so getting into bed still feels like a beatitudes spring day

  • Carly Tomlinson

    Another amazing find Chris!! Following you both 🙂
    They’re all incredible, but I can’t go past the ‘snakes and peonies’ in the blue/mauve that’s on pre-order as my favourite. Holy wow, what a dynamic print/colour combo! I’m head over heels for the watercolour effect… And the quilting detail is just dreamy!

    PS congrats on the shop, you’ve sourced such a great collection of gorgeous pieces x

  • Charmaine Campbell

    I adore the Snakes and Peonies in blue/mauve, it looks so pretty and feminine from a distance but has that quirky twist with the snakes!

  • Tracee

    Great to see some designs out of the ordinary. I love the addition of snakes & skulls! My favorite is Snakes & Peonies in the pink colourway though the skulls & roses in grey is very tempting too!

  • Nothing says “I love Rock ‘n’ Roll” more than some badass Black Skulls & Roses on your bed! And of course this must be paired some pink Snakes and Peonies for pillow cases. May as well become a biker as well, just to cap off the look. LOVE SBT! xx

  • Natasha Andrews

    Oh this is fabulous – thanks so much for sharing!!

    I adore the skulls and roses in grey – it is neutral enough for hubby but fabulously divine when you look at the print close up – I would love it with the diamond sheets and those amazing cactus cushions.

  • Briana Zaffina

    I love the Toucs & Tiges Quilt! With the diamond sheet set! That jungle print and rustic colour is so unique and eclectic

  • Meg Dalton

    Such gorgeous and individual designs, I’m struggling to decide which one is my fave! The skulls and roses design is so funky, uninhibited and wild, but the toucs and tiges is so fresh and reminds me of a fun summer beach holiday so that would have to be my favorite choice!

  • Michelle Kennedy

    I’ve just seen the grey skulls and roses featured on The Block and fell in LOVE! Then I had a peek at Sanctuary’s page and saw the black and now I’m torn between the two. Plus everything else I saw over there. I think it would have to be the grey. No the black. Grey. Black. Grey. Yes, the grey. I think..

  • Um, obviously the “Snakes & Peonies” because clearly I NEED it in my life. I don’t even know where to start explaining why. Watercolour. PURPLE. SO MUCH PURPLE. Snakes. PEONIES. Those flowers are in season for such a heart breakingly short time in Australia so getting to sleep with them every night is the next best thing to having vases of them all around the house <3

  • melissa hogan

    LOVE reading your blog it fills my morning with so many new ideas and thoughts. Love the crazy mix of peonies diamonds and kus in all different hues. Sanctuary Boutiqe Linen has some funky cool innovative on trend ideas, they are very exciting.

  • I LOVE the beauty and juxtaposition of all Sanctuary Boutique Linen but my fave is Black Skulls & Roses. A hint of one of my style icons Frida Kahlo, combined with extraordinary artistic detail in blooms and birds this design is for the brave and individual decorator! I like bold designs and Black Skulls & Roses has won my heart.

  • Wow, I agree with the wanting to jump in, funnily enough I made comment to mum how I liked the block duos bedding and wondered what brand it was! And sure bough as if on cue I get the email with this directly in front of me!! But as much as loved the one they used on the block “punk grandma” I do adore the darker one with the pink, roses, purples and greens. Great colours to make a white room like mine pop! Congrats on the collection guys

  • Belinda J Burns

    Toucans and Tigers oh my x these are way cool beyond words , crushing on these amazing styles from Sanctuary Boutique – seriously stylish x

  • Jennifer Bush

    It’s TOUCANS & TIGERS for me… an exotic yet calming mix of my favourite colours (and bird), a splash of orange for vibrancy and dark enough to hide the errant dog’s occasional paw prints!

  • Melinda Di Palma

    I really cant go past the snakes and peonies in blue/mauve. The watercolour is beautiful and mixed with the more masculine images makes this such a great universal cover. Plus I just love blue.

  • Gayle Bull

    Wow! I like so many … but I’m swooning over the diamond sheets & pillow cases that come in soft bamboo cotton … they look amazing! And diamonds are a gals best friend!

  • cat Koch

    Lovin the SNAKES & PEONIES BLUE/MAUVE COVERLET. It’s full of personality to brighten any room.

  • samantha moffatt

    I Am obsessed with the skull and roses quilt cover teamed with a lavender sheet or the new diamond sheet set


    The floral skulls has me written all over <3

  • May

    Wow! Another great discovery, well done Chris! This amazing mom & daughter collaboration with the customers tastes and budgets in mind is simply heaven sent! Love all of their designs! Can’t just pick one! Would have to be the Snakes & Peonies in mauve/blue! ☺️

  • Anika Potter

    How Fabulous are the girls at Sanctuary Boutique Linens for keeping it real and totally original with their designs.
    I have been a massive fan of the artist Llew Mejia since his colaborations with Element Skateboards and Anthropologie and I silently screamed when I saw the crazy amazing BLACK SKULLS & ROSES design! I love anything that is tropical and Mexican influenced and I would love to style this gorgeous piece in my home!!!

  • Amy brown

    I love the snakes and peonies ☺️ So cool, and the colour is oh so stunning!!!!

  • Julie

    Such a stunning range! Absolutely love discovering local homewares gems on your blog My favourite without a doubt is the toucans and tigers, the cheeky, unexpected patterns would make such a bold statement in my bedroom-and who doesn’t like a tiger in the bedroom

  • Hayley R

    These bed linens so amazing!! Loving the toucs and tigers, navy all the way.

  • Katie

    So hard to choose just one, but it has to be the stunning Toucs and Tiges xx

  • Madeline Batch

    SNAKES & PEONIES COVERLET – BLUE/MAUVE. I love the colour palette, it’d work really well with my room. It’s feminine but not over the top so it really appeals to a wide range of people. I’d never have thought of having snakes on my quilt but somehow this works beautifully. If anything I think it makes the quilt!

  • charlotte

    I’ve been a fan of this beautiful, unique bed linen for a while. I love the toucs and tigers print in the current range but I’m also looking forward to the cactus print in their new range.

  • Kimberley Aalders

    Such a gorgeous, vibrant range! It’s so hard to choose just one! Love the colours so much in the Brilliant Blue Snakes & Peonies though. I would love so much the cactus cushion styled onto a quilt too!

  • Sharyn W

    LOVE the toucans and tigers as they are some of my favourite animals and the design looks stunning and would match my bedroom so well – the designs of all are really amazing, well done 🙂

  • Michelle dolan

    I can’t pick between the black or grey skulls and roses but I do love that you can mix and match. I want them all.

  • Emmie

    Toucs and Tiges!! I love the tropical feel and subtle colours – and some of my favourite animals are hidden throughout this beautiful design!!

  • Kira

    Completely torn between the Black Skulls & Roses quilt, the Skulls & Roses Duvet and the Snakes & Peonies. I have been eyeing off the skull ones for months now and couldn’t decide which one I liked more. The grey Skulls & Roses is a timeless piece, It’s simple yet so brilliant at the same time.

  • Ross S

    Skulls and Roses is my favourite.

  • Kate B

    How to choose – I am torn between the divine Mauve Snakes and Peonies and the delicious Black Skulls and Roses…. maybe I have to buy both!

  • Bonnie Glaister

    The whole Sanctuary range is absolutely gorgeous, but if I had to choose it’d have to be the Black Skulls & Roses because it’s punk as f**k!!!


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