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Showcase Everyday items and Mementos in this Glass Dome

Glass Dome Atrium from Papaya

I’ve never really understood homes that are styled within an inch of their lives and manage to say nothing about the people who live there. At TLC HQ, it’s all about personalisation, comfort and reflecting who I am and what’s happening in my life. In saying that, though, I do like things to have their place (and certain objects are not for the curious claws of the satanic sisters that are better know as my two cats). Enter this glorious find from Papaya!

What you’re seeing here is the gorgeous Mandalay Stoneware Atrium. It comes in four sizes – so you can fit a range of mementos in there – and the base is a stoneware crackle glaze; a somewhat aged effect that still embodies the style and sophistication Papaya is known for.

Glass Dome Atrium from Papaya

I’ve styled a few of my items from home in it and as you can see it is totally kitty proof and I’m certain that if you have kids they too will find this hard to get their hands in (or am I totally not giving kids enough credit?). Either way, I’m in love with how stylish this piece is and I like that you can use it to really showcase your treasured possessions behind the security of the glass dome! It’s a great way to keep your place uniquely yours without it getting cluttered or messy.

If you’re after your very own Mandalay Stoneware Atrium, hit the Papaya store, website, or give them a call to find out more.

Drop me a comment below and let me know if you like to display personalised momentos around your home.

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  • oooo I think I am a little in love with that atrium! I agree too – style for comfort not for looks 🙂 xx

    • I know right – it’s so versatile. Totally with you on the comfort. Lived-in homes always look the nicest!


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