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So I’m a bit Obsessed with the store Incy Interiors

Incy Interiors - Kids Bedroom

I love the online world. It feels like every few days I stumble across a person or store through social media that makes me go gaga. This week it’s Incy Interiors; a business that specialises in designer furniture for babies and children – plus so much more. Their art and accessories are so cute that even I want them for my room (that, or I need to father I child immediately – it could go either way!).

Founder Kristy Withers tells me that the store came about because her son was at the all important baby-to-big-boy-bed stage and there was nothing suitable on the market.

“I made it my mission to find Oscar the perfect bed,” she explains, “but after trying to import beds, getting quotes to have beds made/refurbished… it was all ridiculously expensive.  I complained and moaned to anyone who would listen about this gap in the market.  It finally got to the point where my husband was sick of hearing about it and said ‘for god sake, why don’t you just start doing it yourself’ and the rest is history!”

Incy Interiors - Raincloud ArtIncy Interiors - Single Bed with Chevron Bedding and Side Table

Of all the stock at Incy Interiors, I’m in love with the metal beds the most, but the decorative pieces are also particularly standout. I would have loved stuff like this as a child! Kristy tells me that even her kids like to get in on the fun of the business (how could they not?).

“It is really cute when we get a new shipment of items they haven’t seen before and they get so excited to unpack everything.  Although, I do quite often hear ‘mummy no more ‘puter’ when I am working of a night time or on weekends”.

Check out their website for more gorgeousness and you’ll soon discover that even big kids can enjoy some of the stuff on offer here.

Drop a comment below and let me know what you love about Incy Interiors! 

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