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IKEA cushions grey sofa pink wall the life creative

11 Statement Cushion Designs that Really Pack a Punch

You know I am the King of Cushions, right? Never met one I didn’t fall head over heels for. Never found cushion designs I couldn’t work into an interiors scheme. And never is my thirst for them ever truly quenched. The struggle is real, people; I always want and need more. Someone call an intervention. I’m ready to hear how my obsession has negatively impacted those around me.

Now, when we get into the nitty gritty of cushion designs (and you are, like me, addicted to decorating – so we can get into the nitty gritty!), regular cushions are actually different from statement cushions. In fact, I put my cushions into two categories; statement and supporting. Cushion designs are kind of like the Oscars or Emmy Awards; their are lead actors and their are supporting cast members. And cushions are the same.

The 12 beauties I’m showing you in the slideshow below are definitely categorised as statement cushion designs. I categorise them in this way because they command your attention. It’s either the colour that your eyes lock on when you enter the room, or it’s the pattern that makes them so visually striking. They can become the focal point in the room if you want them to be, instead of relying on art or other decor.

11 Statement Cushion Designs you’ll Love

The cushions you see above are from IKEA and you can click here for more info on them.
Use the arrows below to navigate through the 10 remaining cushion designs.arrohome bedroom eye cushion in blue the life creative

Round Eye Cushion, $49 from Arro Home

colourful cushions from kip and co on the life creative

Assorted Cushions, from $69 at Kip & Co

circle button cushion by soda and stitch on the life creative

Circle Button Cushion, $32 from Soda and Stitch

citrus cushions by Millie Archer on The life Creative

Assorted Citrus Cushions, from $37 at Millie Archer

spark velvet cushions in blue charcoal and purple the life creative

Assorted Velvet Cushions, from $110 at Squeak Design

Summer palm cushion in green by Megan Isabella Design The Life Creative

Summer Palm Cushion Cover, $79.99 from Megan Isabella

Roary bear cushion from down that little lane black and white bear cushion

Roary Bear Cushion Cover, $49 from Alphabet Monkey

Jess and Canary cushion and throw by K and T Home on The Life Creative

Jess Throw Cushion, $65 from K&T Home

Home grey and gold cushion from Lorraine Lea on The Life Creative

Cassie Cushion Cover from Lorraine Lea

Geo Pastel Pink cushion from Drunk on Water statement cushions on the life creative

Geo Pastel Pink Cushion, $49 from Drunk on Water

Regardless if its bright colours or intricate pattern that get them noticed (or both!), these cushion designs are not the type you’d necessarily have five or six of in the one spot. They are sprinkled in smaller doses because of their dazzling personality and good looks, so you don’t need a lot of them. And coming from me that’s actually quite a call, because Lord knows I like to cram as many cushions into the one spot as I can!

My Motto: I don’t have too many cushions. I have not enough sofa.

On a two to three seater sofa, you’d have no more than two of these statement cushions. Same goes for a bed. You could either feature on in the middle of your bed’s pillow arrangement, or opt for two; one in front of each pillow. I’ve blogged before about how I prefer to make a bed, so check that post out if you’re keen for a more relaxed look.

How many cushions is too many? I’d actually love to hear about your cushion addiction in the comments below. Are you on your way to an intervention too? 

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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