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Lisa Sarah Steel Art in matte black home steel art The Life Creative

Win New Matt Black Steel Art from NZ Artist Lisa Sarah

I’m always drawn to art that strays from the norm, so it goes without saying that Lisa Sarah’s steel art is giving me heart palpitations (in a good way).

If you too like the look of this indoor-or-out matt black steel art (created in New Zealand), you’re in for a treat; I’m giving one away in today’s post!

Lisa Sarah Steel Art in Matte Black The Life Creative

What is Lisa Sarah Steel Art?

It’s such an interesting concept, steel art. I featured Lisa Sarah on the blog a while back, so I’ve been exposed to her stylish work for quite some time. But if you’re late to the game and you’re not sure what it’s all about, let me tell you what makes it so special.

Able to be hung or leant on a wall inside, or erected in your garden, courtyard and anywhere else outside, Lisa Sarah steel art is made from New Zealand steel. The words you see on the steel aren’t drawn on either; they’re laser cut with careful precision, so you can see through the letters and motifs. This gives each piece a transparency that I absolutely adore.

The extra special part is that Lisa handwrites most of the words herself, which gives each design a personal touch, then transfers them onto her computer to fine tune the text.

“I have to be very specific about what I want to be steel and what I want cut out,” Lisa explains to me, “including tabbing; the inners of letters or graphics so they don’t fall out yet also look good”.

This concept intrigues me to no end, and what’s so good about Lisa’s range is that it’s so varied. There are designs in stainless steel, copper, gold, corten steel – you name it, as well as a variety of text designs and other motifs to suit a range of interiors and outdoor zones.

Live Simply Lisa Sarah steel art matte black The Life CreativeLisa Sarah Steel Art in matte black home steel art The Life Creative

The New Matt Black Range; Durable & Versatile

“I definitely found that not all blacks are created equal,” Lisa tells me of her new range, which took her some time to get exactly as she wanted it. “I’ve tried to find a good black for perhaps two years, but haven’t been happy with the result. Gloss and satin weren’t the finish I was after. Even some of the matt finishes, to my eye, were too glossy, scratched easily and the colour faded over time”.

Lisa tells me that pieces in this new matt black collection – available in six designs – are durable and UV resistant, so they really withstand the elements if you place them outside. As I mentioned above, these pieces are completely versatile. Another feature that I think makes them so awesome.

When it came to the inspiration for the new range of Lisa Sarah steel art, I’m told that it was all about simplicity.

“I really went back to basics; less words, clean lines and no fuss,” Lisa tells me. “Much of this collection is also longer, because one of my points of difference is having few restrictions on the size and shape of my medium”.

I’m absolutely smitten with Lisa’s entire range, but the new matt black collection is by far the brand’s most impressive release. If you’d like to get your hands on one, enter the competition below – which is open to Australian readers as well as New Zealand ones!

Lisa Sarah Steel Art in Matte Black Hello Steel Art The Life Creative

Win a Piece of Lisa Sarah Steel Art

** Please note that this competition has now closed. The winner was Fiona Jenkins **

To go in the draw to win your choice of matt black steel art:

  • Click here to check out all of the designs in the matt black range
  • Drop a comment below naming your fave design and why

Competition open to Aus and NZ readers. Comp closes 11.59pm, Monday May 23.


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Comments (49)

  • Chloe

    I love the ‘live simply’ piece. It’s pretty much my life motto as well as my styling motto.

    • Belinda

      All pieces are beautiful but ‘Home’ is where my heart is. Letting sunshine filter through the negative letter spaces would fill by home with amazing shadow graffiti; casting a magical ‘spell’!

  • Penny White

    The ‘Home’ sign is my fave. I never did get into the freestanding wooden letters craze. These are gorgeous, sophisticated & versatile. Unlike ‘moi’

  • Sarah

    The Lisa Sarah street art is all amazing but I love the ‘Dreamer’ piece! Without having a dream life would be boring we need a dream to chase after and grab with two hands! I’m a big ‘Dreamer’

  • I absolutely love LisaSarah designs. I’ve purchased a couple of cheaper ones. I absolutely love the ‘dreamer’ one. In sense a theme as I saw another Sarah say she’s a dreamer also! I’d love it for my bedroom.

  • Francine Ingram

    I have loved Lisa Sarah’s beautiful art for a while now it is so hard to choose but…. Live simply or hello are my favs at the moment 🙂

  • Emily Gee

    As much as I love them all, and I really love the font in ‘live simply’. I think my fave is the original ‘Hello’ – Have also vision ed that one in my home.

  • anna marie marshall

    Hello would have to be my fav, would luv to win this for my daughter who has bought her first how much she loves this art work

  • Maureen roddick

    Oh wow, they are all pretty stunning. I would have to say live simply is awesome, but also very keen on the Kia Ora one as well.

  • Katie Agnew

    I love all the Matt black range. Especially Home and Hello. 🙂

  • Caroline

    I love Lisa Sarah ‘ s work and her inspirational creativity. I love both the “live simply” and the “let’s be lovely ” pieces tge most. Both are messages to life life by but sometimes when you are having a rough day a gorgeous reminder could really help!

  • Uma Bhana

    Love Lisa Sarah’s work… every piece is just absolutely stunning! I love the ‘live simply’ piece as its so unique and tells a ‘story’ on its own… love the font on black steel. I have the perfect place in my home should I be so lucky to win one! #stunning

  • Live simply!!

  • MaryClaire

    You had me at ‘hello’. Have been following Lisa Sarah on insta for awhile now and I love all her pieces. Support kiwi made.

  • Angelina

    I love Lisa Sarah’s work and ‘hello.’ is my favourite of the Matt Black range – simple and strong font – would be fabulous at the entrance to my home!

  • How could it not be live simply! Life is to complex at times, what a great reminder. Love LisaSarahs work talented lady!

  • Janet Feldman

    I love the basic, simple and classic vertical ‘home.’ sign. It says it all – this is our home and home to all who visit.

  • They all so good, but its a toss up between Kia Ora, a favourote saying and we already have art relating to that, or Hello……….think I’m going go have to go with Hello, which would fit so perfectly in our black and white house!

  • I love her work! I’d choose the hello sign. It’s amazing!

  • I love Hello because of the size!

  • Erin K

    I love the Home sign. There is nothing like coming home each day to my sanctuary. Home is where the heart is, so many different meanings I just love this sign 🙂

  • Megan

    Love the live simply, something I thimk we all forget sometimes.

  • Amanda

    I follow her on fb and absolutely love her work. One day I will get one!

  • Vicki Olsen

    My favourite is the ‘home’ design, simple and beautiful.

  • Sandra McGhie

    As I’ve been lucky to see Lisa’s art on Facebook I’ve grown to love and admire Lisa’s work especially love you to the moon and back and simply one day I will have one

  • Mel Champion

    Stunning artwork!! Just love the Kia ora art piece – being a kiwi living in Oz this really struck me and I kept coming back to this piece. Having a piece of NZ In our home here in Oz would be very special. Even have the perfect spot for it – in our family room!

  • Aife

    I love the “Kia Ora” sign! As I begin to build my home with my kiwi partner, we are looking for ways to mix Ireland, New Zealand and Australia as a way of marking the countries we both come from and where we have decided to build our life! This beautiful simple sign would be the perfect addition to our home 🙂

  • I am a lover of simplistic, monochrome design and this new matt black range is just stunning! I have already picked a wall space in our entryway to hang the ‘Home’ sign 😉
    Great work Lisa, I look forward to following your designs in the future! You are one very talented individual!

  • Jon Mirtschin

    Love all the designs but this matt black range is definitely my favourite! The ‘home’ sign would be the perfect piece of art to add to our newly built home – it is in need of a bit of styling!

  • Melissa Tonkin

    These are so gorgeous!!! My favorite would have to be Home quiet simply because it is my all time favorite place to be

  • Fiona Jenkins

    I too have been following Lisa’s journey & what a fabulous journey it has been.
    Love her work & thrilled to see the new range which is just gorgeous!
    I love them all but being a Kiwi living in Oz ‘Kia Ora’ would be a perfect addition to my NZ inspired artwork around our home.

  • Kelly Moran

    My favourite one is the simple “hello” piece – it’s so classic and something that will add much needed character to my small apartment!! 😛

  • Megan Webster

    “Home” has to be my favourite design and I would love to be able to gift one of these designs to my brother and sister in law who have recently moved into a stunning new home! They so deserve it

  • Rae Graham

    I love the hello sign,very welcoming.Id I’d place it in my entryway-it’s gorgeous

  • Jane

    Home ..after months of building a huge deck to accomodate my 10 kids and to date 6 grandkids so we can have room to talk and play without the disraction of tv or social media , I would love to hang “home” to remind them all,that our house will always be just that.

  • Jackie Lee

    I have recently completed building a new home in a new state and am looking for something of a statement piece but also something that will take the “starkness” away of the “new build” and start making it feel like a home. The “Home” piece caught my eye for that very reason, against the cream of the cladding on the house, this will look beautiful, maybe by the front door.

  • Tanya

    Devine, stunning pieces! Love the entire Matt Black range but my fave would have to be the “Live Simply” – a simple reminder of one of life’s lessons – I’ve just started Calligraphy & brush lettering – so understand how hard it is to crest such gorgeous simplicity!! To see this beautiful handwritten art on my wall would keep me focussed & working towards mastering my new found love of all things written …..

  • Amber Boyce

    I love the ‘kia ora’ design. The circle looks fantastic, and being a former New Zealander ‘Kia Ora’ has sentimental value for me.

  • Sharyn W

    LIVE SIMPLY – as that is the way life should be lived – i would love to have it hanging in my lounge room to remind everyone who visits that this is how life is meant to be 🙂

  • Francine Ingram

    Live simply, hello., my happy place. Any they are all so good.

  • “Home”

  • nee

    live simply, people forget the simple things in life can make a wonders in the world, simple is best, we cant always have the best in life we make do with what we got, its not always about how much something costs. People need reminding how lucky we are.

  • natalie

    “Live simply” – a great family motto

  • Julie cunniffe

    Stunning collection but my fave is ‘kia ora’ i married a gorgeous kiwi. across the ditch have done it again!!!!

  • I would love the HELLO sign for my house exterior to hang by the front door, what a bold and graphic statement it would make to anyone coming to visit!

  • um… hello…? hello sign has the be the most awesome thing Lisa Sarah has ever made.

  • Jacqueline Wilson

    I like the ‘hello’ sign. I would have it at the entrance of my home to welcome everyone. Beautiful works of art.

  • I absolutely LOVE these pieces! It’s so hard to choose! Life can be so full on and the pressure to keep up with the jones’ sis so high, so I would love “Live Simply” to remind my family of 6 that simple is what matters What a super talented lady Lisa is!

  • Love her work. I’m torn between hello and home – either of which I’d hang at my front door – probably leaning towards hello – a stunning greeting for visitors to our house.


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