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Red Spiced Pear Circa Home Christmas Candle Collection

Stylish & Affordable Christmas Ideas + Win a Circa Home Candle & Diffuser Pack

About this time of the year, each year, I start nesting. You know how pregnant women tend to do that when the baby is about to arrive? I do it about six weeks before Christmas hits.

As an absolute festive nutter, Christmas ideas start bubbling away early November, as I think about how I’ll decorate my apartment for the silly season.

Red Spiced Pear Circa Home Christmas Candle Collection
It also goes well beyond that, of course; I ponder on the treats I can make, what my gift wrapping colour scheme will be, and what Christmas movies I need to get my hands on to watch in the lead-up to the big day.

Now, it’ll come as no surprise to you that I’m an utter candle addict, which is why I’m so pleased that Circa Home have released three delicious fragrances for the silly season; Red Spiced Pear, Elderflower & Amber, and Cranberry & Rosewood.

Here are some Christmas ideas on working candles into your vignettes at home – and see below for how you can win a prize pack valued at $174.75!

Circa Home Christmas Candles 2015 Christmas Table Styling Ideas

Pair Candles with food for an edible display

I love the idea of starting with a rustic base like a bread or cheese board and layering softer moments on top of it. It creates such a beautiful sense of balance to pair glass with wood like this.

I also love the idea of including baked cookies in the display, as it really brings the festive moment to life. And because they can last a while out in the air, you can create a scene like this well before your guests arrive.

Just imagine the smell of cookies mixing in with the aroma of the Circa Home Red Spiced Pear candle. Good Lord! Bundle up the biscuits using twine, too, which will allow you to play with height in the vignette.

Oh, and if you want to add a subtle pop of colour into the mix, consider rosemary!

Christmas Table Styling Ideas from Circa Home on The LIfe Creative

Pair Candles with Nature for an Outdoors-In Feel

There is something so beautiful about the simplicity of natural elements, and it creates some really interesting shapes and textures in a vignette.

Start with a neutral base and then bring in some branches from trees or plants. You can go for something lush and green or bundle up some raw branches or twigs. Either way you go, the natural materials will create an earthy moment on your tablescape – and the addition of pine cones will take it next-level.

You can then place a series of candles at different heights around the branches – all the way down the table (be it a dining table, hall table or coffee table). Doing this will lead the eye on a journey and create a stunning visual story.

Circa Home 2015 Christmas Candles on The LIfe Creative Blog

Cluster Candles and Diffusers for an Eclectic Look

You don’t need to get too fussy or over imaginative with your Christmas styling if it’s not your thing. Simply cluster different sized candles together on a plate or platter and you’re set.

Introduce a diffuser into the mix and you’ll create a setting that has height and interest. Just imagine the Elderflower & Amber candle mixing in with the scent of the Cranberry & Rosewood; what a combo.

I can see this looking really gorgeous on an entry table or a buffet/sideboard beside a dining table. If you pop in a small flower or plant on the platter it’ll bring some softness to the scene but still make the vignette all about the candles!

Circa Home 2015 Christmas Candle Collection

Win a Circa Home Christmas Pack Valued at $174.75!

Pack contains 3 large candles, 3 small candles and 1 diffuser.

To enter to win:
Drop a comment below telling me how you’d use the pack in your Christmas decorating this year!

Comp open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Monday November 16

>>> The Circa Home Christmas collection is available locally at David Jones, Bed Bath N Table and via the Circa Home website.

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He's also spent time on TV, on Channel 10's Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7's Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

  • Suzie Mc


    Christmas is such a sparkly shiny time of the year I would find a gorgeous plain white platter and make alters with the candles and crystals like clear quartz clusters, amethyst clusters, etc, one alter being for family members no longer with us, one for sharing love and one for our planet and everyone on it, setting the intention of love for all of these with some specific prayers and maybe some stars, snowflakes and other ornaments.

    9 November, 2015
  • Anna


    This year has been one of the toughest years for our family so I think we will use this pack to light a candle for every hurdle that we have surpassed this year and then light the biggest one to represent the new year and new beginnings!

    9 November, 2015
  • Cheryl Smith


    I would create a beatiful centrepiece for my Christmas dining table that would cover the entire length! Gorgeous Circa candles surrounded by fresh blooms of white and pink flowers with lush greenery. Oh I can picture and smell it now

    9 November, 2015
  • Use these to create a centerpiece on our fold up christmas table at mums this year. To add christmas bling to around our plastic plates etc as mum moves into new home three days before christmas. ( then they can become mums house warming gift at same time)

    9 November, 2015
  • Charmaine Campbell


    Sounds like you love Christmas as much as I do, although I must admit my husband’s ill health and unemployment status is threatening to suck some of the joy out of it for me. I do have a festive plan though, which includes a row of candles and greenery all along the (freshly painted by me) mantelpiece to reflect in the mirror (also freshly painted by me) hanging above the mantle. I love candlelight and don’t even mind a cold, overcast Christmas (don’t forget you’re in Melbourne now) for making the fairy lights and candles really stand out!

    9 November, 2015
  • Kirsty


    You walk in and what will you see….
    A Christmas flame lighting the room, welcoming all, it’s as bright as can be!

    You take a whiff and what do you smell….
    The aroma of love, Christmas and happiness through my love of candles fills the house,

    You sit down to watch the kids open their presents from under the tree….
    To your surprise there is a present, a candle, a treat, to be enjoyed thanks to The Life Creative, Circa Home and Santa, yes really!!!

    We all deserves a little festive magic in our lives.

    My hope would be….
    To decorate my home making it festively lovely! Also, to gift the ladies who are dear to me with a candle to spread the cheer in their lives and homes too.

    Merry Christmas!

    10 November, 2015
  • Kerry Neill


    My brother and his wife just had their first baby, so I would love to share the happiness around, everyone could pick the scents that appeal to them most and each room and each house could smell like their own personal style of Christmas!

    12 November, 2015
  • Antipodean Christmas, warm nights of fragrant candlelight, champagne evenings spent in the yellow glow of flames gently flickering by the window, on the coffee table a candle nestles in a bowl of copper-sprayed pinecones, scents mingle as sweet and savoury fragrances burn in each room, whispering their stories of spice and tree from faraway places, hints and echoes of other Christmas traditions the world over, enhancing the festive spirit of joy and peace in this small Australian unit on a hot and noisy suburban street

    12 November, 2015
  • caro


    I have relatives visiting from overseas, and I could think of nothing better than these candles and diffuser being perfect to create a warm and sophisticated welcoming as they have never been to our home before

    12 November, 2015
  • Jules


    what warmth and serenity these beautiful fragrant products would give our home. This is the first year that we are hosting Christmas Eve at our place, so I would be able to select certain areas to highlight with candles and of course the diffuser. As our home is quite old and in need of new furnishings, the fact that I could have beautiful candles lit, would take the guests eyes away from the shabbiness

    12 November, 2015
  • Benjamin Travia


    Create an aromatic wonderland where the nose is treated to all the presents that Santa ‘the diffuser’ Clause has to offer.

    12 November, 2015
  • Leigh


    Over Christmas all our family come home. Such a beautiful pack should be shared in bathrooms, beside beds, laundry and a lovely cosy outdoor area. Christmas is recovery time for me its a rush to get there but the rewards are huge. Candles like this enhance a shared reward for hard work all year.

    13 November, 2015
  • Michelle V


    My two sisters are both single mothers, and work extremely hard year round to provide for their children. One has two daughters who are too young to buy her a Christmas gift, whilst the other has two that are old enough to buy her a gift but always “forget” somehow. So if I was fortunate enough to win, I would share this beautiful pack with them, and make them feel special, loved, and unforgotten this Christmas.

    13 November, 2015
  • yvette d


    Ok you really do inspire me and I think this might be the first year I make the effort to decorate my Christmas table in a “grown up” way. The candles are a great idea for a centrepiece and i would surround them with foraged native foliage from my garden, beach stones and driftwood and perhaps just a touch of the child with some candy canes strategically placed for Christmas cheer.

    13 November, 2015

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