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scandi and japanese design blonde timber sideboard and armchair from globewest

The Japandi Trend: Scandi and Japanese Design Combine

You know I’m a sucker for a new interiors trend. I’m on them like white on rice 24/7.

Nothing makes me happier than discovering a new look, a new idea for interiors, or most thrilling of all: the merging of two interiors trends to form one unstoppable aesthetic. That’s when the joy and rapture truly kicks in for me.

Needless to say then, I have been filled with nothing but love for the newest trend to hit the streets, Japandi. Which, as the name suggests, is the coming together of Japanese and Scandinavian design.


The Japandi Trend: Scandi and Japanese Design Combine

What’s so great about this new style is that it really does take the best bits from both of these classic looks. Then, it blends them together perfectly!

Firstly, the look takes design cues from ‘Wabi Sabi’, which is a Japanese principal that finds the beauty in the imperfect. So expect to see raw wood grain on show in this look. It also allows pieces to breathe, keeps furniture low to the ground and taps into Zen design; pieces with effortless simplicity – and all with a handcrafted look to them.

I actually forecasted the Minimal Zen trend to be big this year (more on that here), so I’m giving myself a pat on the back right now.

The Japandi style also celebrates the best of Scandi design too. Clean lines are present in all the furniture pieces in this look, and the colour palette has been kept calm and subdued. There are moments of pattern play, but there is nothing too visually jarring here. The idea is to keep the overall look unlaboured and simple.


The colour palette is dominated by cool greys and dark timbers. Atop that, play with muted tones in blue and pink. Minty sage tones also thrive in this style, but be wary not to go too colourful. Bright pops are completely forbidden (so don’t get any ideas to brighten this one up, colour lovers!).

The images in the post – and the Japandi trend – come courtesy of Globewest, who continue to blow me away with their phenomenal product range.

Globewest doesn’t sell direct to the public. But you can click here to find a supplier near you. Alternatively, book a design consult with me – who can access their products for you as part of a design project!

Are you on board with the Japandi trend? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts.

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