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IKEA Stationery

The New IKEA Stationery Range will Take your Breath Away

IKEA Stationery Collection - Wrapping Paper Rolls

I thought Typo and kikki K had this.

I was sure Typo in particular had cornered the market on affordable stationery, and as part of the Cotton On Group, I was certain they were slowly taking over the world (their latest bedding releases were a dream, don’t you think?). But, #sorrynotsorry, the new IKEA stationery range is a paper lovers dream and I’m pretty certain you might pee your pants a little bit when you see it.

IKEA wins this round hands down, and is giving its rivals a bit of healthy competition. That said, I still want and need Typo and kikki K in my life, so if you’re reading this guys – love you 😉

With the new IKEA stationery range hitting stores in April, I had better make room for a winter of wrapping! Get a load of all the goodies that are landing in a matter of days…

IKEA Stationery Range of Paper, Wrap and Notebooks IKEA Stationery Range - IKEA Notebooks IKEA Stationery Collection IKEA Stationery Range - Paper Pom Poms

Now, I know my interiors far more than I know my paper goods, so when I say I adore the paper pom poms the most, I hope you know what I mean and I hope that’s what they’re called! They’re in the shot above and I can see these making a kids birthday party go off. Imagine an entire roof with these hanging down from it? Pure heaven.

Also on my love list are the rolls of wrapping paper and carry bags. I swear that Spotlight was the only place selling plain-coloured bags prior to this. Sometimes, as I’ve said on the blog before, wrapping certain shaped gifts is an absolute nightmare, so it’s nice to know you can pop them in a colourful carry bag and jazz it up with some ribbon or twine.

>>> What is your fave piece from the IKEA stationery range? I am dying to know what’s making your heart skip a beat!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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9 Responses

  1. Omg- the wrapping paper!!!! I am a gift wrapping freak. I don’t really care what the actual gift is- but I care how it’s wrapped! Strange I know…!!!

  2. Clutching my pearls over here. I have been in love with those paper poms poms for a while now but we have ceiling fans in all our bedrooms and they don’t really mix. Can’t think of another way to make them work.

  3. so glad this had to happen! OMG I can hardly wait I literally smiled when I saw your post…”kid in a dandy shop” thats me with stationary…hey who needs shoes…for me, its all about the stationary..be still my beating heart!!!

  4. I love the wrapping paper I’ve bought from Ikea over the last 6 months. Their Valentines pink hearts and pink confetti range was gorgeous (and good quality too). I stocked up as the designs are relevant all year round. I also loved the Easter gift bag range in pastel colours and mini gift bags with birds on them (once again, useful for all times of the year). Can’t wait to see the new range pictured above. Like I need another excuse to go to Ikea…..

  5. You know I’m a huge Ikea fan and yet again they haven’t disappointed. Much like their new Limited Collection range of rattan/cane Bohemian style furniture and accessories.. fabulous…

  6. OMG!! I cannot wait for the launch of this stationary range from Ikea!! The gift bags, wrapping paper, journals!! All of it!! How exciting!!

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