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This Week’s Creative Finds: Supa Centa Discoveries and More!

This week saw me hit the Moore Park Supa Centa, snapping loads of home and decor goodies. I also discovered gorgeous goodies outside of the centre too. Which one is your fave?

Greeting Cards from TJ Stationery

1 | I am addicted to buying cards. So much so that I have a stack in my drawer just waiting for an occasion to roll around. I was in all sorts of fits of ecstasy this week when I got my hands on these mind-blowing cards from TJ Stationery. They’re letterpress ones – printed on 100% cotton paper stock – and I just love how simplistic, playful and charming they are. The Kite and Swing ones are my fave, but there are many more, all with the same sense of love. Too good.

Yellow Lamp from Freedom at the Supa Centa

2 | There is no better marriage than that of the one between industrial accessories and bright colour. Freedom has answered my prayers with these Alpha floor lamps – splashed with bright yellow, grey and white paint. I am also particularly fond of being able to point the light in different directions (you know, for when I want the spotlight solely on me).

Fan from Oz Design at the Supa Centa

3 | I had a lovely little wander through Oz Design on Saturday as was stopped in my tracks when I saw this vintage-style propeller (correct name: Wright Metal Fan). I’m not sure I’ve seen anything like this before on my creative adventures, so it was a real moment of love at first sight. I kind of wanted to run at it in slow motion across a field of posies and then hold hands with it, spinning around in circles. Isn’t it amazing?

Kids Bedding from Adairs at the Supa Centa

4 | I hear it’s rather normal for people to get clucky when around babies. I, on the other hand, get clucky when I see homewares for kids. This Beep Beep bedding set from Adairs had me contemplating adoption for a moment. But seeing as though I have three nephews, I can attempt to force it upon them instead (woohoo!). Shane and Sharna; if you’re reading this, the boys need three of these sets pronto!

Bird Ornament found at the Supa Centa

5 | You know I go a little batty over a bird ornament. This green guy caught my eye as I was walking past French Accent in the Supa Centa in Moore Park on Saturday. I love how bright he is; a great little colour pop in a subtle and stylish room indeed! My living space is sadly not very subtle at all, so can someone please grab him and pop him on a side table immediately?

Orson and Blake Dining Chair at the Supa Centa

6 | I don’t think I can really express in words how spectacular these chairs from Orson & Blake are. The rusted metal legs are completely swoon-worthy all on their own, but add the stunning woven material on top and you have what has to be the best chair ever made. There, I said it. I know it’s a big call but I believe it to be true! So wonderfully industrial that I can barely stand it!

Metal Crates from Typo

7 | I thought it would be nice to share this quick little idea I executed in my office. These Typo storage trays are, of course, meant to lay horizontally. But I have turned them on their side and put them on the wall. I tested them out with a pretty light 3M hook, but now that I love the look I’m going to get a sturdier hook and fasten them to the wall properly, with a nice indoor plant popped inside (something draping, I think!). You like?

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  • Love the storage from Typo!

  • Antoinette Reid

    I thought I was the only person in the world that bought cards and stored them away for an occasion! 🙂 I agree these ones from TJ Stationery are gorgeous and would suit any occasion!

    • haha it is good to know we’re not alone. It’s good to have stacks of cards on hand so you don’t have to hit the shops when an occasion rolls around!

  • “I kind of wanted to run at it in slow motion across a field of posies and then hold hands with it, spinning around in circles.” Love

  • I do exactly the same things with cards! Love love love to give the perfect one for a special occasion (or no occasion at all)!

    • I am with you on that one. We should bring our cards in and do a trade-off like kids used to do in primary school!


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