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To me you are perfect print from Toucan on The Life Creative

Why this Creative Small Business Flourishes while others Flounder

Running a small business in no walk in the park. But what makes one local brand flourish while others flounder? I asked two lovely ladies whose business is going from strength to strength, and the answer might not be what you’d expect.

To me you are perfect print from Toucan on The Life Creative

Sisters Renee and Natalie from local brand Toucan launched their online store in 2014 and it’s fair to say that in a rather short time they’ve soared. Their product range is amazing; bedding, decals, prints, garlands, rugs and more.

But for a brand whose focus is whimsical kids decor, they’re playing in a niche occupied by hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors locally.

So what makes their business so successful? For these creatives, it’s about so much more than just releasing great products.

“We work around the clock on always releasing new designs, always priding ourselves on great and quick customer service, and also put a lot of effort posting on social media and running various giveaways,” the ladies told me when we caught up this week, “which have all helped us gain new followers”.

Toucan kids decor girls room ideas on The Life Creative

Great customer service and a sound understanding of their demographic is the secret recipe to this brands success, which is not a new concept, but one that many others overlook.

The focus on social media engagement has also been a winning strategy for the business, which has attracted over 75,000 followers on Instagram alone.

“We have so many returning customers who tell their friends and share gorgeous images too which has helped get our name out there,” the sisters explain.

So, great product combined with fantastic customer focus and using social media to really engage with your audience. It’s a relatively simple approach and Toucan are nailing it in every way possible.

Toucan kids wall art ice cream print on The Life Creative Toucan kids wall decal on The Life Creative blogThe latest collection, which they’ll be showcasing at Life Instyle Sydney next month, includes beautiful wall decals, that are great for kids rooms or other pockets of the home.

“We are very excited to be turning our fave prints into wall decals. It creates such a different look and you can put them in so many fun places such as besides a bed, within a shelf display and doors etc”.

Life Instyle Sydney runs from February 18 to 21. It’ll be hitting Melbourne later in the year.
Find out more about Life Instyle by clicking here.

What are your fave brands to deck out kids spaces with? Share your best local brand discoveries in the comments below and let other readers in on the secret!


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