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Tree of Gratitude by Wallitude on TLC Interiors

This is the Sorta Present you Should get your Kids for Christmas

If you’re after something for your kids that’ll make them think, learn and appreciate what matters in life, a Brisbane mum has made it – and it definitely gets the TLC tick of approval!

Tree of Gratitude Wallitude on TLC Interiors

When it comes to gifts for kids, I never tend to go to the giant chain stores to get the latest dinosaur, doll or turtle toy (or whatever the kids are into these days – I’m so outta the loop!).

If I don’t find something unique in an online store, I hit the bricks and mortars and hunt out something simple. The back-to-basics approach has always worked wonders for me. Last Christmas I got my nieces (6 and 8) handbags from Cotton On Kids for next to nothing and they still use them almost every day. Winning Uncle of the Year award over here!

When I discovered The Tree of Gratitude from local biz Wallitude I thought it fit right into that back-to-basics approach I shop by for kids. Designed to get little ones (and parents) thinking about what they’re grateful for, the pack is part artwork, part fun and “part mental health aid”, says Ephie Bokas, founder of the brand.

Tree of Gratitude by Wallitude on TLC Interiors

The Tree of Gratitude: Shifting the way kids think

“It was essentially because of the lack of gratitude in my house,” Ephie tells me of why she created the Tree of Gratitude.

“I was growing increasingly frustrated by the conversations that revolved around ‘what more?’ ‘what else?’ or ‘feeling bored’, and the petty arguments over TV, who had which coloured cup first and the size of dessert portions”.

Ephie got to work creating this limited-edition adhesive tree, about three months ago, that resembles an original art work illustrated by Melbourne Artist Ingrid Wilson. It’s been transposed onto adhesive fabric that can be easily applied to your wall.

After initially resisting the idea, Ephie’s own kids (Conner, 7 and George, 4) only took a few days to get into the groove of using The Tree of Gratitude. And within weeks, she saw results.

“I noticed a fundamental shift,” she explains, “in attitudes, in their levels of awareness and in their willingness to convey their own gratitude, often without any prompting. It was an extraordinary thing to experience and what ultimately drove my desire to create something that I could share with others”.

Wallitude Tree of Gratitude on TLC Interiors

How the Tree of Gratitude Works

“You write or draw three things on a leaf that you were grateful for that day and stick them onto your tree,” Ephie explains. “At the conclusion, you may just develop a habit of looking for the good in each day and will enjoy the many scientifically proven health benefits that come from doing so”.

What the Tree of Gratitude Pack Contains

  • The tree comes in a kit for four (but can be customised for more)
  • The pack comes with pencils and sticky leaves
  • It also includes a booklet of 300 prompts to encourage and facilitate a daily gratitude practice
  • Each tree is signed by artist Ingrid Wilson

Ephie says that she feels incredibly lucky to be producing something that’s had such wide-reaching positive impacts.

“Initially, my hope was to see this in people’s homes so that their families could benefit from it in the way that mine had, but it has also reached classrooms, school assemblies,  medical practices, waiting rooms, utilised at team-building conferences and most recently, in lieu of an advent calendar in the lead up to Christmas!”.

*** Please note that the below competition has now ended. The winner was Kate Mayes ***

Win The Tree of Gratitude for your Home!

To go in the draw to win this pack, valued at $89:

Drop a comment below telling us how this tree would impact your family.
Competition open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Friday December 18

Find out more about Ephie and her brand here.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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13 Responses

  1. (does it count if mum and dad use it too?) My girls are pretty good at gratitude they love their dinner time prayer where they say thank you for …. my favourites so far have been thank you for gravity and thank you for science. Go girls.
    I’d be happy to put this one up at home!

  2. Wow! Such a great idea. This would really make my kids stop and think outside their little spheres, but I think it would be great for me too. I need these reminders in my life <3

  3. Love this idea. It would be great for my grandsons who are 5 years apart in age and live with their mum. The age difference means they are constantly competing with each other and wanting more, more, more from their hard working mum. Basically they are very good kids but need to learn more about being grateful every day for what they have. Particularly the 13yo who thinks the world owes him and that ‘everything’ is boring. (A fairly normal attitude at this age but not one to be encouraged)

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