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Peshtemal Turkish Towels by Aegean Loom in TLC Interiors Shop

Your Towels at Home are no Match for these Turkish Delights

I’ve always been a bit infatuated with the Turkish Towel. I got one as a present for my friend Jess last year and the softness of it was just in another realm altogether; the kind of softness that compels you to put it to your face, like you would a puppy or kitten.

Peshtemal Turkish Towels in Turkey by Aegean Loom

They’ve always looked amazing, of course, but as I’ve recently discovered, there’s far more than aesthetics at play when it comes to what makes them so special. Here’s some need-to-know info about these glorious towels.

The Turkish Towel: Why it’s the Queen of Toweling

The Turkish Towels I’ve become smitten with recently, by Aegean Loom, involve no factory involvement whatsoever and are completely handmade. In fact, the Brissy creative behind the brand, Sandra Huckell, tells me that they’re made on old shuttle looms with one weaver weaving each towel.

“I love that they are made sustainably and ethically in small villages,” Sandra tells me. “I love that they are made from organic cotton and only get softer with every wash. I think the really special thing – apart from being beautifully made – is that they are made with traditional weaving methods and this helps to sustain and bring money into the community”.

Peshtemal Turkish Towels by Aegean Loom on TLC Interiors

The Aegean Loom Story

Sandra started Aegean Loom last year with the help of her husband Phil, after they spent some time in Turkey. By chance, they walked into a towel shop, which sparked the birth of the brand.

“We were told about the weavers plight and the fact that weaving had almost died out due to big factories taking over and China making everything so cheap,” Sandra explains. “We bought three towels home with us for personal use. These three towels were the start. I couldn’t stop thinking about the weavers and the incredible workmanship”.

It was that experience that spurred Sandra to move forward with launching Aegean Loom. She was eager to show people what a real, hand-loomed towel is all about. Not only that, she felt compelled to educate people about the difference between certified organic cotton (she has the certificate) and chemically treated cotton.

“I went over [to Turkey] and chose everything myself and will continue to do that, there is nothing like seeing the colours and designs yourself”.

Peshtemal Turkish Towels by Aegean Loom in TLC Interiors Shop

What you can use Turkish Towels for

“They’re best suited for a beach towel or poolside,” Sandra explains. “If your children do swimming at school they are perfect to put in the school bags as they are light and dry pretty quickly, instead of having a large bulky traditional towel.

They are the absolute best to travel with for the same reason; lightweight, dry quickly, fold up next to nothing and you can use it for a shawl if its a bit chilly”.

I think there’s something so wonderful about supporting artisans in remote and small villages overseas. And what an awesome product to use day-to-day, or to give as a gift this Christmas. If you fancy grabbing one for yourself or a loved one, they’ve just landed in TLC Interiors Shop and there’s 10 colours to choose from.

Eager to Shop some Turkish Towels?
Click here to explore the Aegean Loom range.


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