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Flower Book - Eternize by Amerlia Holland and Lauren Hung

Win the Stunning New Book Eternize + a Gorgeous Flower Print of your Choice

I walked past a florist in Fitzroy last week and declared that I’d missed my calling; that in some other life, I would happily spend my days working as a florist.

Getting up at 5am to hit the flower markets… wrapping roses and get pricked by the thorns. OK, so I came to the realisation that I couldn’t work in a florist, but I’m utterly obsessed by flowers and I’m completely smitten with people who dedicate their lives to making them look so amazing.

Eternize book by Amelia Holland and Lauren Hung

The divine Amelia Holland – who has guest posted on the blog before and is a floral mastermind in her own right – has teamed up with calligrapher Lauren Hung to release a stunning new book, Eternize, and you have a chance to win a copy!

I personally can’t enough of this release and I know you’re going to love it too.

This coffee table book is jam-packed with moody floral photography, with a focus on capturing the beauty of a flower with little distraction.

“I believe that if we slow down enough to really take the time to embrace nature it can really speak to us at a level where spoken words fail us,” Amelia tells me.

Alongside the dreamy images of florals are pages of calligraphy. They feature pen strokes and jagged edges, which further add to the mood and beauty of the book.

Flower Book - Eternize by Amerlia Holland and Lauren Hung

Amelia Holland and Lauren Hung - Eternize Book

“I could have just downloaded a cute calligraphy font,” Amelia explains, “but I loved how Lauren’s passion for handwriting expresses the love she has for the English language in the same way that flowers speak to me. In an age where everything is become more and more digitalised… I think the art of calligraphy will become lost and that makes what Lauren is doing now even more special!”.

I love this quote from the intro of the book the most; isn’t it just divine?

“Flowers speak to us at a depth where no word can go, a secret language where words fail us. If only we could hear what they would say.”

This book would make such a divine gift for birthdays, Christmas, engagements, bridal showers (the list goes on). If you’d like to score a copy and a divine print of your choice from Amelia and Lauren, check out the comp below and support these lovely local ladies!

Limitless Print by Amelia Holland - Eternize Book

Win a Signed copy of Eternize + a print of your choice!

To go in the draw:
Click here to visit the Eternize website
Drop a comment below naming your fave print + What flowers mean to you

Comp open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Friday October 16

This competition has now closed. The winner was Laura G.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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18 Responses

  1. Empowered! By far my fave print. These author ladies were obviously empowered to create a beautiful, dreamy book. And real calligraphy? Get outta town! Too good 🙂

  2. My favourite print would be ‘limitless’, a beautiful statement for a gorgeous print.

    Flowers bring back such fond memories of my childhood, as my mum took the most pride in her garden- after her children. Although I now live in a different state to my parents, a fresh bunch of flowers on my benchtop always give me a sense of home and clarity.

  3. Empowered. This book would go straight to a friend, a young mother, a warrior who is fighting the fight of her life – brain cancer. Flowers represent unspeakable words and a simple image of a flower can change the way someone is feeling. Collaborated with a word, it can change someones mind set. What a wonderful book.

  4. I love the “brave” print. I am encouraged by so many women ( and men) around me who live and breathe this, and make it so real.

  5. ‘Dream to be brave’ is one of my mantra’s in life so I ‘brave’ resonates with me but I have to say ’empowered’ is my favourite print (really they all are!!) I had a mental health breakdown at the beginning of 2014, my third in ten years. For the first time in that journey, I can finally say that I’m no longer afraid of my fragility as I know the strength of my spirit. I’ve spent the last 18 months uncovering the beauty in my brokenness, and much of that has been through flowers.
    My garden is my sanctuary – it holds my heart when I’m unable to. On those days when I’ve lost ‘hope’ in my heart, I need only go out into the garden and pick a bunch of blooms to be reminded that in actual fact, hope is all around me, silently growing – always there.
    Flowers have enabled me to restore, relieve, reclaim and release my bound being with their beauty and tenderness.
    Congratulations Amelia and Lauren on this beautiful collaboration – there are no words for what you have created – just heart flutters.
    With a grateful heart,
    Winnie x

  6. I love strength. Despite suffering from mental illness (PTSD) since childhood, & having yesterday been discharged from a locked ward for the most recent time, coming home to my little garden of flowers reminds me that there are things in the world that are beautiful & good, & bigger than the world outside my head. They remind me that nothing lasts forever, but that I can always find a little bit of beauty if I look closely.

    I went to high school with Lauren & at the time, was unwell but didn’t understand why. Lauren would write me the most thoughtful & gorgeous notes in her unique handwriting, many of which I still have and read over when times are hard. It can be rough forming new relationships when plagued by memories, flashbacks & trauma, & I always remember Lauren fondly & am so happy to see that she has continued to share her gifts & heart with the world

  7. I love flowers it brings me happiness chosing which pretty blooms to choose each week My favorite print is forever while they don’t last forever they make me happy Amelia had captured that beauty so well

  8. Forever.
    Are you always remembered.
    Are you always reminded.
    Are you always wanted.
    Do you keep on trying.
    Life is…..Forever

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