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Yin and Yarn Cushions on TLC Interiors Blog

Yin and Yarn’s New Homewares Range is a Colour Bonanza

If you’re a colour lover and you adore supporting local, the homewares from this Aussie brand are going to cause you some serious heart palpitations (in the best way possible, of course!).

Yin and Yarn Cushions on TLC Interiors Blog

All of my best ideas come to me when I least expect it; when I’m having a chat with a friend or when I’m out with my partner Gavin, I’ll have a lightbulb moment and rush to write it down (despite Gavin telling me there’s a notes function on my phone, I’m old-school paper notes all the way).

Turns out that for the three creative ladies behind one of my fave brands, Yin and Yarn, a good goss sesh is exactly where their creative juices flow the most, too.

“We spend most of our ‘business meetings’ yarning, hence the business name,” the gals behind the brand – Sarah, Carly and Abbey – tell me.

“Quick catch-ups roll into long hours of laughter and gossiping, which may sound unproductive, but I believe is actually is our strength. It is within these conversations that we really expand our ideas, taking them from far-fetched pipe dreams and reshaping them into achievable goals”.

Yin and Yarn Cushions and Beach Bag on TLC Interiors

The pipe dream of Yin and Yarn started back in 2013, but it wasn’t until late last year that the girls really started to drive it. All three have come from a background in pharmaceuticals and were, as they tell me, “desperate to colour outside the lines… break the stigma… create something”.

And what breathtaking results have followed!

Yin and Yarn is undeniably colourful, with products that are bold and quirky, helping customers create a home that’s vibrant and refreshing. I can’t get enough of their newest cushion releases – and the matching beach bags – but they also have a variety of awesome prints, aprons and bean bags on offer as well.

It’s not all colour, though. The girls tell me that their range of black and white homewares have also been hugely popular.

“This range is really a staple for our customers and never dates, allowing longevity for the products in your home, and are great for complimenting existing pieces”.

Yin and Yarn Apron in TLC Interiors Blog Yin and Yarn Zebra Cushion in TLC Interiors Shop

One of the impressive things the ladies behind Yin and Yarn have done is steer well clear of trying to keep up with trends. Instead, they’ve produced a range of products that speaks to them first and foremost, and then connects with customers.

“It is very easy to be tempted to compete with the pace and volume of faceless big businesses to try to remain on-trend,” the girls explain. “We decided early on to disregard this, and believe if you set your own trends… you will always stand out in the ever-growing crowd”.

With all three lovely ladies still working in pharmaceuticals and with two of them mums as well, it goes without saying that Yin and Yarn is demanding on their time but is also an undeniable labour of love.

“Above all, we try to remain grounded and true to why we started Yin and Yarn in the first place – as a fun and creative outlet. We believe that if we are sincere to this, the business will always remain fresh, fun and appealing to not only our customers, but for us as well”.

Eager to see more of the Yin and Yarn homewares range?
Click here to check it all out.


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