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2015 Interior Trends - Botanics - image via Dulux

Did 2015’s Predicted Interior Trends Fly or Fail?

Four big interiors trend were predicted to hit this year and make major waves worldwide. Sadly, only three really took off, with one nowhere to be seen.

Indoor Plant Pots by Tait

Interior trends always fascinate me, and often surprise me, too. Sometimes, I’ll see a predicted trend and screw my nose up at it. Cut to three months later and I’m redecorating with the trend I first loathed.

I always say that a well-styled photograph of a product is all it takes to convince consumers to buy it, and that’s often the case with trends.

Seeing a trend in a home setting can change everything, too. So can seeing it over time; it grows on you like mould. Stylish, lovely mould that you end up falling in love with.

At the start of the year, I took a look at three predicted trends for 2015. And below, we’ll see if the market took to them, refused to go near them or seemed a bit on the fence.

There was also one trend I hadn’t looked at, that landed mid-way through the year and really took off. I’d love to know which of these trends if your fave. Drop a comment below and let me know!

Did 2015’s Predicted Interior Trends Fly or Fail? 

2015 Interior Trends - Botanics - Image via Haymes

Botanics: We Loved it!

Of all the interior trends in 2015, Botanics, which was all about rocking the indoor plant on a grand scale, had to be the most popular.

The whole concept behind the trend was that of getting closer to nature. It was about embracing the earth, letting the outdoors come in and blurring the lines between indoors and out.

Pots and plant holders were showcased in new and interesting ways this year and brands like Ivy Muse and Design Twins really took this decor to a whole new level.

We were encouraged to go darker with this trend, too, and explore deep and moody greens, dark browns and blacks. I’m not certain we went very dark here, but we did love bringing nature inside.

I was pretty excited for this trend and it seemed everyone else was, too. I think it’ll be around a while longer in 2016.

Interior Trends for 2015 Watercolours

Watercolour: We got on board (a bit)

The watercolour trend was more focused on hue, and paring back the tone in our homes, so it wasn’t anyway near as dramatic as the Botanics trend. We still welcomed it in though, if only in small doses here and there.

The Watercolour trend was considered an updated version of Scandi style. Where the Scandi style explores the full spectrum of colour from black to white – playing with 50 shades of grey in between – the Watercolour trend steered clear of black and introduced colour in very subtle ways. Shades of soft greens and blues featured heavily here.

It was also a really easy trend to bring to life in a coastal home. The typically white palette of a Hamptons-styled space could easily be tweaked to welcome this look.

Because this is a fairly quiet and calm scheme, I think it’ll be around a long time. It’s not going to have the fleeting moment Botanics will, and that’s probably a good thing.

2015 Interior Trends - Baroque Reloaded - Interiors

Baroque Reloaded: Love it, we did not

It was always going to be a bit of a hard sell to get people on board with the dark and moody Baroque trend – especially in Australia – but I really thought it would get a bit more coverage.

UK forecaster Victoria Redshaw touched on this aesthetic when she spoke at Decor+Design late 2014, noting that in 2015 we’d be looking toward history – particularly medieval times – for inspiration when it comes to our decor choices. She cited rich reds as one of the colours to dominate the landscape, and Pantone’s colour of the year, Marsala, certainly seemed to support that.

This trend was also about embracing vintage furniture and materials like velvet and velour. But locally we just didn’t want a piece of it. I did see a few mags try and bring Marsala and other deep reds into shoots, but customers just didn’t buy it.

I’ll be interested to see if this is a slow burn, though, and if it ends up taking off slowly in 2016.

Faux Fur Throw - Vikings Interior Design Scheme Tassle Throw - Vikings Interior Design

Vikings: The late arrival

I didn’t make mention of this in my original post at the start of the year, but the Vikings trend really took off from the second half of the year and it looks here to stay for quite some time.

This trend was first brought to my attention by interior designer Genevieve Gorder, who spoke about it late last year in her Maker Talk (you watch the video below).

It’s a subdued and tactile design scheme and it’s loaded with visual interest thanks to texture and shape. The colour palette is very grey, with creams and pops of inky blues featuring too.

Texturally, more is more. This look is about layering soft textures (faux fur, cable knits, rope, crumpled linens) against harder, rustic textures like dark woods and rusted metals.

I love this trend, and even included it in a recent photoshoot I styled, so I think it’s here to stay.

>>> What’s your fave trend from 2015? Perhaps one landed that I’ve not covered. Drop a comment below and share your thoughts with me and other TLC readers.

Image Credits: Indoor Plants | Botanics | Watercolour | Vikings


Chris Carroll

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  1. Ok, so I LOVE velvet and velour so I hope it’s not going anywhere soon. Perhaps not in a beroque style setting, but none the less it just oozes luxury to me. I think botanics is still beautiful and getting back to nature still seems to be a huge trend at the moment, especially with a lot of raw and natural elements in natural tones being very popular at the moment. I myself however, love a splash of colour and one trend I hope continues to take off is neon lighting!

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