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Aussie Florist Names Top 5 Trending Spring Flowers

Nothing excites me more than a trip to the florist (or getting a bloom delivered to work or home). But if you quizzed me to name flower varieties just by looking at them I’d generally have no idea!

I’d also be hard-pressed to tell you what florals were trending for spring, which is why I’ve called on one of the country’s finest florists, Amelia Holland, to give us the lowdown.

Below Amelia names 5 trending flower varieties for spring and what makes them so special. Her love for florals is contagious and you’ll find it hard not to get swept up in it!

Enjoy xx Chris

Spring Flowers by Amelia Holland

5 Trending Flower Varieties for Spring

By Amelia Holland

Spring is the most exciting time of year for any florist. The last day of winter holds for us the same feeling as Christmas Eve holds for children. The weather is changing and we are waiting in anticipation for the new seasons blooms to burst forth with new life. Waiting at the florist shop for our market van to pull in the driveway is worth getting up at any hour of day for.

Spring is the time of year where customers begin to open their homes again for parties and gatherings. There is something about the warm air that brings us all to life again after being drawn to hibernation in winter time and trading outings with friends for watching television under the blankets.

As customers begin to flow in, they ask us to design flowers for their parties or for flowers simply to enjoy in their homes for themselves. We are often asked what flowers are on trend for spring so I have compiled a list below of my top 5 picks.

Cherry Blossom

1. Cherry Blossom

When the streets come alive with cherry blossom we know for sure that spring has come! I love going for an evening walk and smelling the blossoms as I pass by. If you have a blossom tree outside your house, a great idea is to cut a few stems to bring into your house. It draws an amazing connection between the outdoors and indoors and the height brings any dull wall to life.

Florists usually stock blossom as it is readily available in market although I am never one to shy away from “helping” my neighbours to prune their cherry blossom trees.


2. Ranunculus

These are the pretty little flowers that everyone claims are their favourite, and customers just gush over them constantly. The layers upon layers of pretty delicate petals make them unlike any other flower, and the soft pastel colours never disappoint.

They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and as they have short stems they make a perfect centrepiece for a dining table or to wrap as a cute little gift. They are my go-to flower in spring to give for any occasion. Any time I post photos of ranunculus on instagram I always get more likes than any other flower photo!

3. Stock

These may not be the first flower that your eyes will be drawn to, but if you are letting your nose guide you they will be your first choice! The scent is simply intoxicating. I dare say it is one of my very, very favourite scented flowers and I love having a big bunch of these in my house for as long as they are in season.

I am a big lover of burning candles, but in spring having stock in my home certainly rivals burning candles!


4. Poppies

There is nothing like watching a poppy, well, POP! Every time I purchase a bunch and watch their buds pop open I am blown away like it’s the first time I have ever seen it! It continues to fascinate me how such a beautiful flower can be developing inside a cocoon-like shell.

They almost speak to me about life itself, and how beauty can burst forth in a moment from hidden and seemingly dark and restricted places.

As much as I love selling poppies in store, I admit there is a special feeling buying these from the roadside, and as they are quite easy to grow at home you don’t have to drive too far out of the city to find these offered in abundance from little stalls with honesty boxes.


5. Daffodils

I can’t let this segment go by without mentioning the daffodil. A symbol of spring all around the world, it is impossible not to feel happy when you see their sunny yellow faces popping up in gardens and florist stores everywhere.

I love how they often grow wild and messy and out of control in gardens and they are also a cute inexpensive gift to bunch up and purchase to display in your own home. The bold yellow colour makes such a statement about the weather and calls to action such a positive response to spring!

These are some of my favourite spring flowers but what I love is how different flowers evoke different feelings and memories in others.

We would love to hear about your favourite spring flowers and spring memories in the comments below.

Amelia Holland on TLC InteriorsAbout Amelia Holland

Amelia Holland is the talented lady behind Sydney florist Beautiful Blooms. She has studied both business and photography, and has an overwhelming love affair with flowers. Her unique viewpoint and desire to unlock ideas has seen her become a much sought after business mentor as she offers support and fresh insight into the minds of entrepreneurs.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. As a florist, what I like on the list in our home, is the Ranunculus. They are really pretty and it brings calmness to me and my wife. Whenever I go home after a hard day, I sit on the couch and look at this blossom. It relaxes my mind and my body. Hopefully, others will love Ranunculus and have the same effect as mine. Good job for this article, it is a great one. Thank you for this article.

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