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Eclectic Traveller - Boho Interior

How to Nail the Eclectic Traveller Trend

Lovers of a casual, boho vibe will love the Eclectic Traveller trend. Named so because it takes a relaxed approach to design and mixes keepsakes with interesting textiles, this look is easy to implement and makes a big impact. Time to feast on some visual inspiration!

Eclectic Traveller Boho Decor BedroomWeathered Chest with Cushions - Boho Eclectic Traveller

Photo above courtesy of www.amy-sia.com

Roy Bar Cart Eclectic Traveller Boho Look Boho Bedroom Decor Eclectic Traveller

Getting this look right is just a matter of combining the earthiness of the boho feel with the embellished, decorative nature of the bollywood vibe. A bit of careful consideration before you go out on your shopping expedition will do wonders!

Here are some tips on implementing the look:

  • Look for weathered furniture or second-hand finds. This look works because it feels like you’ve owned the pieces for years.
  • Steer clear of high-gloss finishes. This look is all about a raw and organic feel, so avoid mass-produced furniture.
  • Seek out furniture with curves, embellishments and ornate shapes – the more visual interest you can create the better!
  • Woven textiles are your friend! Think of stores like Oxfam or Tree of Life when you’re mood boarding this look.
  • Colour clash and mix pattern – but avoid primary colours. The tones are richer in this look.
  • Accessorise with glassware and art from your travels. This look is about showcasing your life!


Images one, three and four come courtesy of Bowerhouse. Click here to check out their website!


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  • centaine


    I love this style, but I’m still worried about clashing patterns. I’ve tried in the past and failed so this post gives me renewed hope. 🙂

    5 February, 2014
  • I’ve iften wondered how I would describe my style, and now I know….thanks

    17 July, 2014

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