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Cactus Styling

Cactus Styling: 5 ways to Rock this Plant

There’s simply no denying that succulents have become so very last year, Creatives; this Autumn the cactus is your new go-to plant! Easy to care for and with many styling possibilities, it’s easy greenery with wow factor. Here are five ways to rock cactus styling – all of which are a bit adorable!

Cactus Cluster

1. Colourful Cactus Cluster | This cactus styling option is great for Creatives in small spaces that still want a wow moment. By grouping coloured varieties in a decorative pot like the one above, you still get your colour burst but on a smaller scale. Great for a kitchen bench, coffee table or bathroom, there’s a lot to look at with this option.

Large Scale Cactus

2. Large-Scale Cactus | By opting to display a large-scale cactus in your space, you make it the room’s focal point; the object your eye goes to the moment you enter. This option will work well in a light, open area and plays nicely with industrial elements and woven textiles. It’ll also look great on a balcony, or near a large window or door where the light floods in.

Cactus Ideas - Terracotta Pots

3. Just add Terracotta | There’s something so simple and satisfying about cactus styling with terracotta. It’s a colour combo that works and a look that feels reminiscent of the US desert. Terracotta pots are not only affordable but range in size too, which means planting your fave cactus is a cinch! Display this look on a bedside table for an outdoor-comes-in vibe.

Cactus Terrarium

4. Cacti Terrarium | What’s not to love about pairing an on-trend plant with an on-trend display idea? The terrarium has been getting a real workout of late – and adding an assortment of cacti is a great way to update the look. Pop some dirt, rocks and shells into a glass bowl with your plants and you’re good to go! A look like this is just dying to be displayed in your bathroom.

Cactus Candle

5. Fake It | OK, so this is a real cheat’s idea, but if your green thumb isn’t in fine form and you’re not into plants, you can still rock the trend by grabbing some cactus homewares or decor pieces. These candles are a very cute alternative to your standard tea light and still channel the cacti vibe.

Photo Credits for this post: Cactus Cluster courtesy of From Ezter with Love, Large Scale Cactus from Lamps Plus, Terracotta from http://4.bp.blogspot.com/, Terrarium from Ang’s Peaceful Space and Cactus Candles from aliexpress.com

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  • I am a huge fan of cactus and succulents, pretty much the only plants I cant kill! I love the first one with the feature pot and colourful cactus would look gorgeous on an outdoor table 🙂

    14 April, 2014
  • colleen


    Love the terrarium.. And the coloured cactus

    12 January, 2015

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