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Dark Wall Ideas: Add Mood to a Room with Paint

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Dark interiors go against many of the supposed design rules. For example, the suggestion that a space will feel smaller if the walls and furniture within it are dark. I think the legendary Abigail Ahern said it best when she wrote “A small room is a small room. Painting it pale is not going to double its size or even make it look marginally bigger!”.

With Ahern’s words in mind, today’s post is saluting the dark room, showing you how to get dark walls right and trying to get Aussies to summon up the courage to go dark indoors (it’s not, to be fair, something we tend to do a lot of).

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The key to getting a dark room right is to accessories it wisely. A dark wall will need some lightly coloured pieces to give it balance. Be careful not to fall into the trap of making the entire room black and white, though. Soft greys, browns and a few pops of colour are needed to add visual interest to the space.

If you’ve decided to get dramatic and paint your walls a dark colour, the best advice I can give you is to do a test patch near a window and look at it at different times of the day. The natural light from outside can change the shade of the colour dramatically, as can artificial lighting like lamps.

A glossy sheen is going to bounce light around the room, while a matte finish is more likely to absorb the light. These are careful considerations and it’s best to take some time to really think on them. Never be afraid to discuss these things with the paint expert in-store before you purchase.

Dark walls, I have to declare, are daring and delicious. If I wasn’t in a rental I would be slapping on some black paint tomorrow! What do you reckon?

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  • Cathy


    Loving the Blue and grey pics, they are definitely colours I am enspired by. I’m never afraid to give a dramatic bold colour a chance to shine through when creating a room design, as I love the challenge to make a statement. Stunning colours Chris

    28 January, 2014

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