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Neutral Paints

New Neutral Paint Colours (and no White in Sight!)

I put the call out on Instagram last week and asked you what your biggest bug bear was when it came to decorating. One of the issues raised was that of white paint. Specifically, what if you’re not a fan of the sometimes stark nature of this colour? And what other options can you splash your walls with? Well, this post should sort you out then; three alternatives to painting your walls white!

Haymes Paints Domo Showroom

Calm and Creamy

Cream tones add a sense of warmth to a space and eliminate any of the crisp, coldness a flat white paint can sometimes bring with it. It paves the way for you to introduce furniture that channels a subdued and calm vibe (blonde timber and wicker is your friend here).

If you enjoy colour, fear not; just because your walls are giving a nod to beige it doesn’t mean your decor has to. This colour will work wonderfully with greys, deep and greens and even plum tones, so say goodbye to stark white and get your cream on. 

Shop the Look: Try new Haymes paints in colours Organic 1, Refuge 1 or Smokey Silhouette. 

Haymes Colour Forecast. Styled by Ruth Welsby, Photography by Martina Gemmola.

Cool and Relaxed

Understated and easy to live with, blue tones make your space feel cool, calm and collected. By bringing in dark wood tones, you can create a more serious or masculine aesthetic, or feel free to introduce pine and soft grey to keep the look easy and breezy. Depending on the exact colour you go for, the space can feel dark and moody or crisp and clean – with hues that bode well for use in bedrooms, bathrooms and other spaces that require calm.

Shop the Look: Try new Haymes Paints in colours Trempealean, Angelic Blue or Chapel Grey.

Haymes Paints - Domo Showroom

Daring and Indulgent

Pink hues, when kept soft, can steer clear of turning feminine and work well in a number of spaces. Living and dining rooms can be transformed into rich, luxe spaces by splashing soft pink and champagne tones on the walls. By mixing these hues with darker tones like deep grey, black and brown, the space will also feel mature and well rounded. You can even bring in the types of green tones you’d experience in nature to create some dynamic contrast in your space.

Shop the Look: Try new Haymes Paint in colours Dusty Beige or Kendall Rose.

Haymes Paint

Images in this post come courtesy of Haymes. Click here to visit their website.


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  • All of these are lovely, I especially like the last one! But I still love white 😉

  • Roberta

    Thanks Chris – lots of ideas to help me! Roberta


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