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Front Garden Ideas using Greenery that’ll make your Kerbside Pop

I’m not good with plants and I’m not afraid to admit it. So when it comes to front garden ideas – and ensuring your home’s first impression is a good one – it only makes sense that I bring in the big guns. And the big guns in today’s post belong to Matt Leacy from Landart Landscapes.

Below, Matt shares his expert tips on making the front of your home looking great using greenery – with a few landscaping tips and tricks you may not have considered. Let the green thumbing begin!

Front Garden Ideas using Plants

Front Garden Ideas - Kerb Appeal

Spruce Up Your Walkway

Create that initial wow factor! Transform your front walkway with the use of interesting materials such as brick, flagstone and pavers; these materials will lend more character and charm to your garden than traditional cement. Adding a slight curve to the conventional pathway is another great way to make a chic statement; Matt recommends lining the walkway with low maintenance plants such as Camellias, Lomandras and Birds of paradise.

Front Garden Ideas - Planters from Freedom

Fill It with Florals

Make your guests feel welcome from the moment they walk through your front gates, with a colourful array of aromatic blooms. Matt recommends planting flowers with bright, bold hues. His top picks are Peonies, Siberian Iris’s and Aasiatic Lily’s (These bright charmers are available in a cheerful variety of orange, yellow and purple). This idea will maximise the potential of your small front garden space. 

Create an Oasis

Filling your front garden with medium-sized plants, will not only keep the nosey neighbours away – it will also create a fantastic sound barrier against street noise. Matt says that planting medium to large sized plants provides you with a quiet oasis and actually makes your garden appear bigger.  He explains that variety of interesting textures, shapes and colours creates the illusion of space. Decorating your front garden with a small hedge is another clever way to create serenity and intimacy – without forming an unfriendly barrier.

Front Garden Ideas - Potted Plants

Light It Up

Create a calming and intimate entry through the placement of mood and up lights. When strategically arranged, these lights can determine which elements of your garden you wish to highlight. Ensure that the lights you purchase are made from high quality, waterproof and durable materials, such as brass, copper or marine-grade stainless steel.

Add Space to Entertain

If the space permits, Matt says adding a patio to your front garden can provide a great space to entertain guests. Gone are the days of old fashioned front porches, however nothing should stop you from being able to enjoying a cold beverage out the front of your house with family and friends.

What’s going on out the front of your place? Share your garden ideas in the comments below!

Images in this post come courtesy of Freedom (2 and 3) and Gardenique (4)


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