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Home Office Ideas by The Daily Edited on TLC Interiors

How to Successfully Style your Home Office or Work Cubicle

Feel like your home office or work cubicle is less than inspiring? You’re not alone. TLC has the scoop on what you need to do in order to take your workspace in a stylish (and motivational) direction.

Your workspace can often feel like a zone you schlep to under duress. But it can be an area of your home or workplace that feels uniquely yours, showcasing the best parts of your life and displaying personal accessories that make you love being there.

I caught five minutes with Alyce Tan from The Daily Edited this week, and asked her to share some of her top home office ideas with us in the hopes it’ll motivate us all to jazz up our existing spaces.

The beauty of these tips is that you can carry most of them over into your cubicle at work. Colleagues from my old workplace will attest to the fact that my cubicle was immaculate and it made such an impact on how I felt when I was there.

Drop a comment below and let me know what you think!

Home Office Ideas & Workstation Style Steals

Desk Styling and Home Office Ideas on TLC Interiors

Colour Coordination

I’m always banging on about the importance of mood and colour in your abode, and Alyce explains that it’s just as vital to consider this when it comes to your office or workstation.

“Coordinate inventory including products, books, you name it,” She explains. “It sounds a bit OCD I know, but colour association has a psychology that will either calm or excite you”.

For a home office, I love a monochromatic scheme; exploring the full spectrum of one colour (like pink, in the first shot above), and then adding in a dash of black or metallic to make it feel sophisticated.

Stacks and Trays

If you’re desktop is a hot mess of paper, it not only looks visually disruptive, but it’ll actually reduces your productivity, too. The answer is to give everything a dedicated place.

“I can’t help but have a bit of clutter (receipts, random pieces of stationery, notebooks),” Alyce admits. “But layer your love in a few personalised trays – trust me, it’ll help file your thoughts”.

There are loads of places you can get nice trays from. Try kikki K or Officeworks.

Clickon Furniture Armchair and Marble Coffee Table on TLC Interiors

Lifestyle Furniture over Office Furniture 

“Where it works, I tend to opt for pieces in the office from home furniture stores rather than commercial office furniture stores,” Alyce tells me. “They tend to be more on trend and in most cases cheaper! Right now I’m loving browsing Clickon Furniture (above); very affordable pieces to add trendy accents to an office”.

Pimp your Desk

If you’re in a workplace and you can’t bring in your own furniture, decor out your desk! Creating small clusters of vignettes on either side of your computer will make the space feel more homely and less corporate. A lot of the decorative items on my desk never get used (ruler, stapler, paper clips etc). It doesn’t matter though; if they look good, rock them!

A vase of flowers (or succulent/cactus) paired with a candle and an ornament that’s fun or means something to you is an awesome idea (these accessories are amazing). Even when I was in a corporate office I still had a scented candle on my desk that never got lit. It looks great and smells good!

Also secure your own mug, some new notepads and post its, along with a quirky pen holder. A tray also helps hold all of these pieces together. The Daily Edited has some amazing stationery finds that feel chic and personalised. 

The Daily Edited on TLC Interiors Desk Styling Flatlay

Frame your Work

“Spruce up your walls and frame the cherished pieces you love,” Alyce says. “Whether it’s your children’s painting, a word that inspires your or a small collection of shells from your holiday – frame it!”.

If you’re in a cubicle at work, you need to dress the magnetic or cork area so many of these spaces feature, but it doesn’t have to look messy or haphazard.

As Alyce said above, colour coordinate the imagery. A series of photos in a muted black, white, grey and blue colour story – mixed with other mementos in similar tones – will make the entire zone feel resolved and visually pleasing.

Dress your Tech

Photos, new stationery and desk styling is going to take your home office or workspace in a whole new direction, but don’t forget about the techy devices, too.

“Updating the wallpaper on your phone and computer with imagery your love and that will inspire you each day, and dress up your devices, is a great idea,” Alyce explains.

I also love to place my laptop on a stack of my fave magazines. It dresses up the often drab appearance of the device and again, it makes the zone feel more reflective of you and your interests.

What do you do to make your home office or work cubicle look and feel amazing? Drop a comment below and share your home office ideas with other readers. 

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  • Hi Chris & Alyce,
    oh I love looking at workspaces + stationary!!

    I love that idea about framing some of the kids artwork ~

    My ‘to do list’ for my incy wincy workspace is to do an ombre wall. Because my workstation is tucked in a corner of the lounge, I think making the wall a feature with help with creative inspiration 🙂 lets hope! sometimes working at home with 2 cray cray kids running around there’s no chance of productivity 🙂

    how you don’t mind if I mention, I wrote a blog post recently about workspaces that are inspiring me at the moment http://abeauthome.com.au/home-office-workspace-inspiration-tips/

    18 February, 2016
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