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Decorating Small Spaces

Easy Cheats on How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Wondering how to make a small room look bigger? Look no further. Here are some easy cheats to create some much needed space in a few pockets of your home.

Whether it’s a living room, dining room or bedroom, a cramped space is no fun. It’s even less fun when you’re trying to figure out what furniture to put in it, and how to make it work.

Here are some quick tips on how to make three rooms in your home seem larger. Of course, unless you’re knocking out a wall, you can’t actually make it larger. But you can make it feel a bit bigger.

I’ve also linked to a few other posts on the blog that might help you with grabbing some ideas and products for small spaces. Enjoy!

slimline tan leather sofa in living room with cowhide rug from project 82

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger: Living Room

Ban chunky sofas with thick arms. The thinner and lower the sofa arm is, the less visual bulk it’ll take up.

Also look for a sofa with a lower back. Choose one that’s raised off the floor on thin legs.

(There are some great small-profile sofa options in this post if you need some inspo).

Opt for round coffee tables over square ones. Tables with sharp edges take up more room visually.

Choose rugs with fluid shapes, like a round rug or a cowhide option. Avoid square or rectangular rugs.

Mount your TV on the wall if you can. The less objects on the floor, the better.

Choose a floor lamp with a thin shade and stem. You can keep it closer to the wall that way.

If you can squeeze in an armchair, choose one with no arms and a low profile.

Ensure there’s just one focal point in the room, like a tall piece of art, or make the sofa the statement.

All of these principals above are expanded on in detail in this recent post.

einrichten design dining room with small round table mesh chair and round black pendant

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger: Dining Room

Opt for a round dining table over a square or rectangular one. It’s not as dominant.

A pendant light over the table is a nice focal point and takes up no floor space.

If you are installing a pendant, don’t clutter the dining table with decor. It’s too visually chaotic.

(If you want some dining table styling ideas, this post will give you some).

Choose dining chairs that are transparent, like ghost chairs or metal mesh chairs.

If you want fabric chairs (or a similar, softer style) ensure the back is low.

Look for a dining table with a single leg in the centre, or four legs that are thin in profile.

The same goes for dining chairs; thin legs will always feel visually lighter.

(If you want expert tips on choosing the right dining chairs, this post will help).

Also consider fold-out chairs you can hang on the wall (if the room is really tiny).

Allow just one focal point to dominate. The table itself, a pendant light, or an artwork.

adairs bedding how to make a small room feel bigger bedroom

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger: Bedroom

Opt forΒ a bed frame with a low headboard. Also ensure the legs are slim.

Use under the bed as an extra storage zone. Boxes like these are cheap and work wonders.

Round bedside tables without drawers are a good idea and will appear less chunky.

Also consider mounting a bedside to the wall. Taking it off the floor creates the illusion of more room.

(If you’re after some alternative bedside table ideas, this post has a tonne and many are space-savers).

Don’t stuff too many pillows and blankets and throws on the bed. It’ll swallow the room.

You may need to push the bed against the wall. In this case, one round bedside table will still work.

Choose just one piece of art for the wall, but allow either it of the bedding to be the one loud moment.

(If you want some ideas for how to decorate above the bed, this post has you covered).

Colour can work in a small room, but you need to ensure it’s just in one moment, like dramatic bedding.

Small pendants over bedsides are a great idea here and will be less bulky than table lamps.

luum round bedside table styled with flowers and lamp

How do you Work with a Small Space?

I’d love to get some of your ideas on how to make a small room look bigger. What’s currently working for you in the cosy rooms of your home?

Drop me a comment below and share your small-room tips with me and TLC readers πŸ™‚ I’d love to hear from you!

Images 1 and 4 via Adairs, 2 via Project 82, Image 3 via Einrichten Design, 5 via Oh Eight Oh Nine

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