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Inteior Design Trends 2016 TLC Interiors Blue Red and yellow living room

Interior Design Trends 2016: Be Bright and Bold with Colour Carnevale

Interior design trends 2016; they’re landing hard and fast, and now is the time when we decide if we get on board with them or not. Over the past week on the blog, TLC has predicted three big trends to land in 2016, and today the last one, Colour Carnevale, is making its presence known.

This is definitely one for the colour lovers, so let’s explore it further.

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Inteior Design Trends 2016 TLC Interiors Blue Red and yellow living room

Be Bright and Bold with Colour Carnevale

If you love bold hue and you’re dying for permission to unleash dramatic colour on your home, consider this the sign you need to get started. Colour Carnevale is all about rocking brights, clashing tones and celebrating the joy that can come from being completely uninhibited by colour.

The influence for this trend comes from Brazil. Later this year, the 2016 Olympics will take place in Rio and this major event is what’s going to inspire people to get gutsier with their decorating decisions.

Although this trend may not hit until the later part of the year, the main colours in this look (red, blue, green and yellow) will still come through stores prior to summer.

Brazilian street art is known to be bold, bright and large in scale. A lot of the colours in homes of Brazil are influences by this artform – and we’re adopting this philosophy in our own homes.

The popular mardi gras carnival that occurs annually in Brazil is also a factor in this look. It’s what gives the Colour Carnevale trend its sense of relaxed and inclusive fun; anything is welcome as long as it plays nice.

Lovers of a crafty DIY project will be pleased to know that upcycled furniture plays a role in this look too, giving old pieces with global influence a contemporary lease on life.

Blue and Yellow interior design ideas interior design trends 2016 Inteior Design Trends 2016 Blue and Red interior design

How to Rock Colour Carnevale at Home

Colour Carnevale, if it’s to work well, needs to have colour executed in the right scale. And because this trend is likely to be a fleeting one, it’s best you keep your wall paint neutral. It’ll actually help the colourful pieces you bring in pop more. If you want to move away from a white wall, consider a soft to mid grey paint instead. Bright colours sit so well against this tone.

The main colours in this look are primary. The triadic colour scheme of blue, red and yellow is going to work wonders here. If you wish to introduce green, that too will work, just make sure it’s a fairly rich green like Emerald. Pink and orange can also be used, though the more colours you start to add the more visually chaotic the look will become, so keep it retrained.

I’ve written before on the blog about the furniture pieces you should never buy for your home. One of those was a bright sofa. If you think you can live with a bold red or yellow armchair, however, go for your life. I think a zesty pop is a great way to make a statement. Outside of this, adorn your neutral-coloured sofa with bright cushions and throws and you’ll still rock this trend.

Vintage posters, a bit of street art and hand-woven rugs in dramatic colours are all right at home in this look. In fact, anything that is colourful and handmade (like a basket) is also going to bode well for the Colour Carnevale trend. As it’s a fun aesthetic, bright drinks trays, books, flowers and ornaments are also encouraged.

Cement is a nice material to pair with these bold pieces, because it channels the street vibe you’re after. And if you find the look becoming too juvenile, bring in black and brown tones to help ground it a little.

As mentioned above, DIY is a great way to bring in a personalised sense of fun. Pick up some affordable spray paint (like I did here) and experiment with bold colour on pieces of furniture and homewares you can find at a second hand store. These can be chairs, side tables, coffee tables, statues and anything else that takes your fancy.

Dramatic pattern is welcome here, as is bold art that makes a statement. Colour clashing is also your friend, so don’t be afraid to mix and match various hues.

Colourful Bright Living Room interior design trends 2016 TLC Interiors Interior trends 2016 primary colour living room red blue and yellow interior

Stores that can help you with Colour Carnevale

The go-to brand for so many pieces in this look has gotta be Milly + Eugene. They rock.

For bright furniture, the major retailers like OZ Design or Clickon Furniture are great.

For bright cushions, TLC Interiors Shop is your friend. Also try Matt Stewart or Shakiraaz.

For colourful rugs, I love PAMPA. And for bright tableware, AURA Home has to be it!

Which of the interior design trends 2016 is your fave? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know if Colour Carnevale is your thing!

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