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Kids Room Decorating

Kids Decorating: 4 Mums Share their Style Secrets

I don’t have kids, but even I know that styling their spaces can be a tricky one. Do you involve them in the process, let them do the decorating alone or go forth with your own interior design ideas for the space? I asked four super-stylin’ mums to share their opinions and how they approach the task.

Kids Bedroom Decor

Kids Decorating - 4 Mums ShareSonia Stackhouse – Life, Love and Hiccups

“My boys have very particular taste when it comes to decorating their bedrooms so I generally let them take the lead and then subtlety persuade them. We have a tradition in our house that for your 6th birthday you get a bedroom redesign and then again at 10 and I suppose that by 13 or 14 they will be begging for a more grown up makeover again”.

Maggie Pana – Kreo Home

“I teach my children to break the rules of creativity and create new ones. By letting them create their own space, it enables them to become who they want to be… A creative individual!”.

Kristy Withers – Incy Interiors

“Funnily enough I am going through the process of redecorating both of my children’s rooms at the moment. Oscar, aged 6, is into Ninja Turtles at the moment, so it is now my responsibility to incorporate ninja turtles without it looking ghastly. I am planning on doing this by making it grungy/industrial style with green as the predominant colour pleasing both of us!”.

Jayde Leeder – Little Paper Lane

“This is the perfect time to ask as I am just re-doing Minty’s room. She is only just two, so I have tried to combine her personality and mine into the decorating. She is a bit girly, but also a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, so I went the fluro and pastel road for her and fingers crossed it comes together. I have got Iggy (6 years) involved in the room make over too. I have also been giving Iggy choices with things. For example, I would love for him to have an Incy Interiors bed, as we have one and Minty has one and they are amazing, and I’ve chosen the base I think would look great, but we sat together and I let him choose between a few colours“. 

My take on the Situation

I think the general consensus with kids rooms (and I’d certainly approach it this way if I was decorating a little one’s space) is to consult with them as you would any client. It’s important they feel the space is theirs, with a little strategic guidance from you, of course. The end result will be a space they think is great but one you don’t mind visitors seeing, either.


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  • My son is 8 and was very definite about wanting bright green and teal walls. So we painted the colours he choose and balance it with black, white and a touch of red in graphic artworks that adorn the walls. I love the look of stylised rooms but I think that some magazine features are impractical and that the most important consideration should be storage and injecting the child’s style as it’s their dream space and a place that should be inspiring for their little imaginations.

    1 May, 2014
  • Our house is very neutral in colour so the walls of our childrens room follow that colour scheme however I let them choose the accessories for their rooms.

    21 May, 2014

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