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Lifting Beige Decor: 4 Ways to Escape the Snooze

Even with my colour obsession firmly intact, I can still fully appreciate the subdued nature of beige decor and a neutral interiors palette. That said, if you’re looking for some ideas to spice up your space without going colour crazy, this post will show you how to do it. Beige is never boring, of course, but sometimes, it needs a little colour nudge.

Duck Egg Blue - Lifting Beige Decor

Add Duck Egg Blue

Blue is a fabulous hue to pair with beige, as long as you select the right tone. A duck egg blue – or similar shade – is ideal, because it’s incredibly soft and subtle but adds the right amount of interest. You can even bring it in on a large scale, like a wall, and have it not feel too overwhelming. If you want to ease into using this colour, introduce a lamp or chair in this shade and see how it feels in the space.

Soft Green - Lifting Beige Decor

Introduce Soft Greens

A soft jade or mint green is going to bring light timber or white surfaces to life. As an inherently calm and earthy colour, green is going to work wonderfully with dark brown tones, too. It also shines in kitchens and bathrooms, and can be a great accent colour when kept light and dusty in tone. As one of the cooler colours in the spectrum, it’ll make a space feel just that.

Pinks - Lifting Beight Decor

Have a few Blush Moments

Peach, salmon, champagne – any soft variation on pink is going to bring a neutral space to life – and when mixed with metallics, it can prevent the look from going too girly. Dusty pinks work nicely with greens, too, so if you want to bring some plants in to add another dimension to the space, you’re onto a winner. Just ensure you avoid using a lot of hot pink; it’s far too full-on.

Soft Yellow Bedding - Lifting Beige Decor

Get Mellow with Yellow

If your space is feeling a bit too calm, adding a mellow yellow is a great way to elevate the colour palette. Yellow works wonderfully with white and grey – and as a warm colour, it’s on-trend for Autumn and will definitely make your room feel cosier. Keep the voltage low on this colour and it won’t feel too visually stimulating.

Colour Confidence

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