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My Low Budget, Low Maintenance Garden

Low Maintenance Garden - Succulents in Terracotta Pots

Plants are that demanding sometimes that I just lose interest in trying to keep them going all the time. Short of having a courtyard that resembles a cement museum, I had to find some low maintenance garden greenery to give my garden a low-budget pop. Half-an-hour in Flower Power was all it took to get these hardy babies a new home (and they’re still alive!). Total spend on plants and soil was around $60.

Low Maintenance Garden - Succulent in Terracotta Pots

Echeveria x imbricata | What’s not to love about a succulent that pretty much needs next to no love but keeps on sprouting? I appreciate a plant that seems to withstand anything the elements throws at it. This variety in particular loves the sun, is drought tolerant and won’t grow more than about six inches (perfect for a balcony).

Low Maintenance Garden - Golden Duranta

Golden Duranta | I am so drawn to the yellow of this easy-to-grow shrub. It thrives in the sun but will handle part shade and is said to present mauve flowers in spring – I can’t wait! I really like it in this brown stone pot as it makes for a nice colour contrast.

Low Maintenance Garden - Mondo Grass

Mondo Grass | It’s so rare to find foliage that’s black and stays that way all year round. I really like this variety and have seen it used a lot in-between paving in garden walkways. It’s incredibly pretty and doesn’t need cutting back, which is music to my ears. It also grows pretty large, depending on the variety you go for.

Low Maintenance Garden - Silver Streak Low Maintenance Garden - Lavender Grass

Silver Streak | A plant that’s described as loving harsh conditions is my kind of plant! This isn’t necessarily the most wow-factor piece of greenery but that’s why I like it; a little yellow, a little green and so low maintenance. You only have to water it for the first eight weeks or so and from there it will survive on its own (so Destiny’s Child Independent Woman!).

Lavender Avonview | There’s something wonderfully quaint about the combination of Lavender and a terracotta pot. The moment I had the pot I was on the hunt for a Lavender. This variety prefers full sun, which is just what it’s going to get in my courtyard. I cannot wait for the flowers to present themselves and for the smell to do its thing.

Low Maintenance Garden - Moses in Cradle and Razmatazz

Moses in the Cradle and Razmatazz | These semi-succulent foliage plants look incredibly similar except one (Moses in the Cradle) is far more deep in its purple hue. They’re the best of friends in this pot and are going to grow quite rapidly. They love full sun to part shade and are often used for ground coverage. Something tells me they’ll bust out of their current pot by summer (kind of like me and my pants if I keep this chocolate intake up).

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  • Miss Piggy

    But you cannot eat any of this stuff??? Succulents are pretty though – I’d like to add some to my garden.

    • haha I am not as confident that I could keep herbs or veges alive. Some tips would be great though as I know you are quite the master in this territory! 😉


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