The old saying goes that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. Here’s how the bathroom looked in our old demolished house… definitely wasn’t doing this house any favours. The sloping floor also made you feel drunk every time you walked in!

So, when it came to the master ensuite in my new home, I was not holding back. When it came to my master bathroom ideas, I wanted it to feel like a 5 star resort. I’ve stayed at beautiful resorts in Bali and loved that they always had a walk in shower and a freestanding bath. This was going to be my little sanctuary away from the kids! First step: get a lock on the door. Next step, maximise the space.

How to Execute your Master Bathroom Ideas

Master Bathroom Ideas before shot on The Life Creative
The bathroom before. Doesn’t exactly say ‘luxury’, does it?

Function and Layout

When considering all of the master bathroom ideas you have swirling around, the first think to about is how you want the space to function. Once you have that in place you can start planning where things go based on what you need.

I had enough room to incorporate a hotel inspired walk-in shower with frosted glass doors (less glass to clean for me = winning) and a freestanding bath. A separate toilet is always good if you have the space, even though it means nothing to kids! Otherwise, try placing it so it’s not in direct view from the door. Create ample storage space for all your items as well. I chose custom cabinetry and a mix of drawers and cupboards. My cabinets are floating, which means you see more floor tiles creating the illusion of more space.

Fitting and Finishes

When it comes to tiles, my advice is to choose tiles that will still look good in 10 years time. I chose a large format classic Travertine tile. If you can’t afford the large tiles, ask if they come in a smaller size – they will be cheaper to buy and lay. Don’t be afraid to use the same tiles on the floor and walls as it makes the space feel larger.

Choose bathroom fittings that work with the style of your home. I chose stainless steel tapware and inset basins to match the simple, modern look of my home. Test everything out in the show rooms! I laid in all the baths to find a comfortable one, I also had to choose a toilet that could work with my kids toilet training seat. So yes… I took a child and the seat with me for testing. Cue crazy mum. 

Of all the master bathroom ideas, I find that mirrors can make a real statement with minimal spend. I chose a large one to match the height of my windows, which makes my bathroom feel larger. You could choose separate mirrors above each sink or a mirror in the style of your home to provide consistency with the overall design.

Make sure you have ample lighting for using your mirror. I have LED lights. I also incorporated a concrete pendant light with a dimmer in my bathroom to add a touch of luxury; perfect for that alone time I’m planning to have… where’s that lock again?!

Master Bathroom Ideas Freestanding bath and walk in shower Master bathroom ideas freestanding bath and vanity area The Life Creative

Master Bathroom Ideas: What I Learnt from my Build

– Floor to ceiling tiles make the space feel grand, however if budget is an issue, you can still get the look by tiling halfway up and using a complimentary paint colour in the same tone on the walls.

– If you love a particular tile that’s more expensive, pick one wall to use it on and use plain white tiles for the other walls. They are usually the cheapest and always look great.

– Cabinetry with drawers are more expensive, so you can limit the use of them in the bathroom and mix drawers with doors. Or look for ready-made cabinetry to fit your space.

– Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated with a fan and an opening window.

– Don’t forget to plan in a shower niche to store your shampoo bottles. I also added a large niche above my bath so I had a storage place for my champagne while sitting in the bath.

– Think about the placement of your power points, towel rails and toilet roll holders. The bathroom must function well!

Master Bathroom ideas floating vanity and freestanding bath tub

Master Bathroom Ideas: Get the Look

Ram Yeva tapware: Inset Basins: Galvin Design Gallery 

Caroma Quatro towel rails: , Caroma Aura Freestanding Bath:,

Travertine tiles – Odin Ceramics made cabinetry with Ultra White Matte laminate, Polaris White Quartz countertop Bernini Stone:

Tadao Concrete Pendant light – Beacon Lighting Joel Barbitta, DMax Photography.

Next week I’ll share my dream kitchen with you. Considering I spend half my life in there it’s a cracker. For now, I’d love to find out your top tips for executing your master bathroom ideas?

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  • Jane
    Posted 22 June, 2016 10:28 pm 0Likes

    That looks sooo lovely and relaxing! Love the corner window and bath/niche combo, and the idea of tucking away the toilet. Enjoy the champagne 😉

    • Kim
      Posted 28 June, 2016 7:34 pm 0Likes

      Thanks Jane, it’s definitely a favourite spot in the house! The window is great in summer time as you can see all the colours of the sunset.

  • debdjd
    Posted 23 June, 2016 4:18 pm 0Likes

    Beautiful bathroom 🙂

    • Kim
      Posted 28 June, 2016 7:34 pm 0Likes

      Thanks Deb, appreciate it!

  • Sally
    Posted 27 June, 2016 11:39 am 0Likes

    gorgeous sanctuary you have there – what a transformation!

    • Kim
      Posted 28 June, 2016 7:35 pm 0Likes

      Thanks Sally, it’s definitely met my five star hotel brief!

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