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minimalist living room round black dining table with centre leg and luxe black sideboard

Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for your Living, Dining & Bedroom

The thing that’s always bothered me about the minimalist interior design ideas I see out there in the ether is that they tend to champion the concept of rooms being stripped within an inch of their lives. You know; soulless shells with no decor. It’s not my idea of minimalism, and it’s not how I do it in client homes either.

Today I want to show you how you can approach minimal interior design at home while still having character-packed rooms that reflect you. Because despite what some of the minimalists out there will say, it’s OK to love material things. Sure people and pets are better, but if loving cushions, candles, sideboards and stools is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

For today’s post I’ve partnered up with one of my fave local brands, Brosa, who are always my first go-to store when I’m hunting out affordable designer pieces for clients. I also have some of their stuff in my own home, so I’m pumped to be presenting some fab minimalism ideas to you, with support from them, that’ll help make your spaces cute and clutter free. Let’s do this!

brosa como white sofa in pink living room with minimalist interior design

Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for your Living Room

Forget the kitchen being the hub of the home! For me it’s all about the living room. And when you’re wanting to evoke a minimalist vibe in here, it’s all about creating space, the feeling of air flow, and having no pieces dominate the room. Here are some key tips to follow.

1. Choose Small-Profile Furniture with Clean Lines

You know what I mean by clean lines right? You want to look for furniture with straight edges; structured pieces without embellishments. As much as I love a stud detail in an armchair, or a tufted button in a sofa back, you want to avoid these in a minimalist living room.

Instead, choose furniture with harder angles and less fluid shapes. And when I say small profile, I don’t mean the piece itself has to be small. It just needs to be more delicate in its appearance (not a big bulky sofa or provincial-style chair with chunky arms).

The Como Sofa which you can see above is a phenomenal example of a sofa with clean lines but interesting detail. So chic, don’t you think?

minimalist living room with black sofa and round black metal coffee table on thin legs

2. Raise Furniture Off the Ground

This is a great tip in smaller rooms, but also in larger ones if minimalism is something you want to channel. Ensure pieces like sofas, armchairs, coffee and side tables are all raised off the ground on thin legs. This will allow air to flow underneath and give the illusion of more space and an uncluttered feel. Avoid heavy furniture that runs all the way to the ground.

The Kare Coffee Table above is exactly what I’m talking about when I speak of furniture that allows for air flow. So striking.

brosa seta sofa with thin metal lges and woven fabric upholstery minimalist living room

3. Reduce Cushions on the Sofa

It pains me to say this, as you know how much I adore a full sofa look, but if you want to keep things minimal, cushion reduction is key. I would go for no more than two or three cushions on a two or three-seater sofa. I’d match two cushions to the colour of the sofa, and then have one accent cushion with a subtle pattern.

The Seta 4-Seater Sofa above already comes with matching cushions, so you just need to include one more to complete the scene.

minimalist living room with black sideboard and white mid century armchair

4. Opt for Small Details on Each Furniture Piece

Because you’re packing less into the room, you want each furniture piece to feel special. So, choose a sofa with some pipe detail. Or go with an armchair that features an aged metal leg. The coffee table might have some veined marble on top. You want these details to be rather small and non-intrusive, but trust me they’ll make the room feel more elevated.

white minimalist dining room with round white dining table and light timber dining chairs

Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for your Dining Room

The dining room is a space that tends to feature less moments than your living room will. With this in mind, choosing the right pieces becomes crucial. Because the idea is to keep the vibe minimal, each individual item needs to feel like a designer moment in its own right. There’s no room for filler; they’re all subtle show-stoppers mingling together. Here are some tips to follow.

1. Choose a Table with Quiet Legs

The idea in a minimalist dining room design is that you want to reduce visual bulk and chaos. You want your eye to glide across pieces to take in the overall picture. Be interested by them, sure, but not feel overstimulated when you’re in the space.

With this in mind, I recommend you go for a round table with a thick centre leg (like the Kreis Dining Table above), or if you’re going rectangle look for legs that are thin and fade into the background. Let the simple shape create a sense of calm, but look to the material of the table to create interest (like timber grain or glass).

brosa glasser minimalist dining chairs black metal legs with angles in minimalist dining room

2. Choose Chairs with Angles and Interest

Because your table is going to be the calm moment in the space, let the chairs be a little more daring. By no means do you want to get something overly fussy, like tufted chairs or thick upholstered varieties, but you do want to ensure the chairs have an interesting silhouette.

This silhouette should be delicate though, like the Glasser Dining Chairs above. I’m obsessed with the powder coated steel legs and the way they angle up around either side of the chair seat. That is minimalism done right!

minimalist living room round black dining table with centre leg and luxe black sideboard

3. Keep the Sideboard Clean, but Textural

There’s such an opportunity to do something intriguing with the sideboard or buffet you select. Be it some carved detail on the front, or just a visible wood grain, you really want to keep the lines clean but the textures strong.

Because the top of the sideboard is going to be minimally styled (all you really need is a mirror and a plant/flowers), you want the piece of furniture have a finish with visible detail.

I’m utterly smitten with the Marlon Sideboard above. So chic, but so restrained.

minimalist dining room design with black thin dining table and black minimal pendant light

4. A Feature Pendant is Always a Good Idea

Last but not least, don’t forget lighting. A minimalist dining room is always going to be light on furniture, so you want to find other ways to create drama without dominance, and to inject a point of interest. A delicate pendant light that feels minimal in appearance is a wise idea. The Indus Pendant Light is my top pick.

minimalist bedroom design with grey wall grey headboard with piping and large indoor plant

Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for your Bedroom

When you’re putting together a minimalist bedroom design, you really want to focus on reducing bulk. No bells and whistles, no elaborate shapes. And like with your living room, you want pieces that are lifted off the ground to encourage airflow. There are a few other key considerations I’ll touch on below for you.

1. Choose a Bed Frame with Minimal Fuss

Please don’t be thinking that minimal means boring. Or that a minimal bedroom means you have to resign yourself to an ensemble bed with no headboard. It’s actually quite the opposite, you just want to ensure you keep the bed simple. Some small detail is nice, like piped edges or some sleek panelling, but do avoid elaborate shapes in the headboard, and steer clear of tufted buttons.

How chic, minimalist and stunning is the Sarah Slim Bedframe above? It’s perfect for a minimalist bedroom.

moody master bedroom with charcoal walls and black timber furniture minimalist bedroom design

2. Choose Bedsides with One Interesting Feature

You don’t have to forgo style or interest in your bedside tables either. You just want to ensure there’s one thing that stands out about them. You already know the piece is going to have clean lines (no clawed feet or curved legs, for example), so your opportunity to keep it interesting is in the finish (like a wood grain) or in the handle.

I adore the Slim Bedside Table above. Minimal in profile, but packed with interest thanks to the curved leg detail.

masculine bedroom with dark timber bedside table and black table lamp

3. Choose Table Lamps with thin Profiles

Don’t get me wrong, I love a wide-based table lamp, but not in a minimalist bedroom. You see, the top of the bedside table needs to remain uncluttered. You’re going to stage it with a lamp and potentially one other decor item. So, because less items are going on top, those items need to be small in profile but interesting in shape.

Click here to explore Broas’s range of chic table lamps with minimal feels.

brosa gia bed in minimalist all white bedroom with round marble side tables

4. Keep the Bedscape Minimal

The last tip on designing a minimalist bedroom (and yes, this pains me to say) is that you have to strip back your bedding. I’d keep your quilt cover set white (or light) and I’d include one throw across it, with maybe one cushion. I’d avoid Euro cushions at the back of your pillow stack altogether. You want to reduce the plushness of the scene.

The idea is that your eye glides over the bed so you can appreciate the headboard, and besides, and lamps. Too much bedding will take away from that, so definitely approach your bedscape with absolute restraint.

minimalist living room with round black dining table with centre leg and luxe black sideboard

Have These Minimalist Tips Helped?

Hopefully these minimalist interior design ideas have helped you put together your own pared-back space. Drop me a comment below and let me know if you have any questions.

Brosa is a game-changing Aussie furniture brand born out of discontent with the status quo. Their business model removes importers, wholesalers and high-end stores from the equation, delivering customers quality furniture at an affordable price point. Their completely in-house team is powered by and passionate about both design and technology, resulting in attainable furniture that’s on-trend but long-lasting.


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  1. I found your article on choosing minimalist furniture the most helpful out of all the articles I have read to date. Despite understanding what you say however, I still do not know what colour furniture I should go with as my kitchen cupboards are all white, my walls are all white and many of your pieces are black. In a white walled lounge area I wouldn’t know what colour couch to go with. I don’t like black or brown. Grey or cream or white for a couch? Hope you can advise.

    1. Thanks Patricia! Grey is a very safe choice and what I would recommend in a mostly white room if you’re unsure about how to mix in colour. You can’t go too wrong with grey, whether you go very dark or very light.

  2. Hello,
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    So, my questions is very simple – is allowed or it is ok or not, keep some plants in the bedroome?
    Accordind to feng – shui tips, is not good so much.
    What is Your appreciated opinion?
    Thank You very much!

    Barbara Halužan,

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