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Nordic Elk Interiors - Nordic Bedroom

Scandinavian Design had a Facelift and the Doctor did Good

Scandinavian design for the home is stunning – there’s no denying it.

In fact, at a recent Life Instyle event, legendary decorators Colin and Justin told the crowd at their talk, that Scandinavian interior design is still the biggest trend where they live in North America – and I’ve posted about how to implement it at home on the blog before myself.

Locally, though, I don’t see it as often in people’s homes. I think we like to play with colour a little more, which is why this new style, Nordic Elk, is going to be so big. It’s subdued, it’s stylish and it allows you to showcase soft hues against a neutral backdrop. It’s the more earthy and rugged sibling of Scandi design – so let’s take a look at why it’s so amazing.

Nordic Elk Interiors - Nordic Kitchen

How to Rock a Nordic Elk Interior

The Nordic Elk style has been brought to the forefront by the team at Metricon. The shots you see in this post are from one of their gorgeous display homes and you can see why this new interior style is so brilliant. Nordic Elk is all about pairing timbers with a crisp, clean and minimalistic base.

White is still very prevalent in this look – as are creams and beiges; they’re the foundation of the design and allow you to layer the other elements on top. What sets it apart from a Scandi style is that more charcoal and tan tones are showcased throughout the look, whereas Scandi is more about exploring the monochromatic colourway of black and white.

With Nordic Elk, the base colours are inspired by the outdoors, so if you see it in nature you can bring it inside. Think varying brown tones, greys, whites, creams and tans.

Nordic Elk Interiors - Nordic Dining Room
Nordic Interiors - Nordic Licing Room

Muddier and Moodier all Round

If you do want to introduce some more vibrant colours to this look, deep and moody blues will work really well. Pop these tones into bedrooms and living rooms. A few carefully considered pops of green will breathe life into the kitchen as well.

As a general rule, though, keep your greens and blues muddy. The only bright pop in this look should be white.

In terms of decor…

Nordic Elk features grey and white a lot. Sofas and bedheads are decked out in these hues. Natural wooden tables and bedsides are at home here. Oh, and don’t forget loads of natural fabrics. Texture is really important in this look too.

Beds feel sumptuous with a lot of layered textiles. In the dining room, chairs are padded and cosy. Faux antlers are a really good statement piece to showcase here. It gives the look that rugged sense of the outdoors that it really needs. Indoor plants also work well, but keep them lush and fuss-free.

If you want to see more imagery of the Nordic Elk interior – along with a tonne of other styles from Metricon’s display homes, click here to visit their LookBook.

Do you love Nordic Elk? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below.

This post includes images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.


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