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Office Decorating

Office Decorating: 3 Looks to Get you Started!

As an area that’s uniquely yours, the office or study is your moment to go all out and reflect your personal style. Here are three very different office decorating ideas that’ll (hopefully) inspire you show who you are in a way that a living room, bedroom or other shared living space often cannot. On with the dreamy imagery!

Below are three office decorating styles that all have something to offer. I’d love it if you’d drop me a comment below and let me know which one takes your fancy (I’ve got my eye on the first one below!).

Styling Office Space with Desk and Chair - Colourful and Eclectic

Colourful and Eclectic. A space that’s often thought of as serious or grown-up, an office can become fun through the introduction of bright decor and whimsical art. Clashing colours is a good idea here (don’t be afraid to break a few rules) – and if the space is grounded with neutrals like grey, brown or white, you can go all out with colour and still have the space look resolved. Leaning art like the one above is a great way to keep the look relaxed and makes for an awesome backdrop!

Stylish Office Space - Desk and Chair Furniture - Vintage Traveller

Vintage Traveller. This look tells the story of your life and makes your mementoes the heroes of the space. If your treasured possessions are a little weathered and worn, it’s important to select only a few and display them on your wall or desk for maximum impact. A shadow box is a great way to display the items and provides a great source of inspiration when you’re lacking creative mojo. With a vintage traveller look, less is more, so allow for some negative space around your trinkets and you’re set!

Stylish Office Space - Sleek and Sophisticated Furniture

Sleek and Sophisticated. There’s a lot to be said about a desk that’s clutter-free; not only is it visually pleasing but it’s sure to keep you organised and on-track, too. To balance out all the clean lines of this look, it’s wise to select accessories with interesting shapes or colours. This will ensure that the space still has a few wow moments while maintaining its sleek and sophisticated look. 

Stylish Office Space Furniture and Decorating Ideas

Photo Credits for this Post:
Image one courtesy of Vavoom Emporium
Images two and three courtesy of Senkki Furniture


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Comments (5)

  • adore all of these, especially the first two, beautiful! 🙂

    • tlcreative

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Helen. I think the first one could be my fave but they’re all pretty dreamy 🙂

  • Rustic Sands

    I looove the first one. Natural wood and white, you can then add any colours to it and change the vibe each season!

  • Gorgeous pics, I love looking at office spaces, make me want to change mine around all the time. x

  • marie pedri

    I love the all three…I love the bright and happy feeling the first one gives me. I love how the second makes me feel calm and organized and I love how the third one looks minimalist, but feels polished…Great work..Please feel free to check out our webpage..


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