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Blue living room ideas - blue sofa and shelf

Colour Trends for 2016 and Decorating Mistakes to Avoid at Home

The biggest mistake people make in their homes when it comes to paint is not checking the colour on a larger scale in a room, says Dulux Creative Consultant Bree Leech.

“I have had people explain to me they selected a neutral grey in the store and when they painted it at home it looked like it was green or blue,” she explains. “Of course, the colour is still the same but it can appear quite differently under warm light such as halogens, compared to the harsh fluorescents or even daylight in the paint store”.

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Black Bedroom Wall with Faux Fur Throw and Wall Mural

Talking at the Life Instyle conversation series at the end of this month, Bree is set to give attendees a glimpse inside the Dulux forecasting process, naming a few big paint trends for the year ahead.

The Life Creative scored a few insights before the series kicks off.

Black and Yellow Interior - Macrame Decorating Ideas

Paint Trends for 2016

“I think some of the new Dulux whites are fabulous – slightly cooler and more complex, with green or grey undertones that provide interest but still allow the space to be quite neutral. They really work well with so many other colours”.

Though she admits she can’t reveal too much about specific trends (the official colour forecast is coming late August), Bree tells The Life Creative that some outdated hues are set for a comeback.

“I can say we are seeing the return of some old favourites such as brown and that pastel hues, in particular pink, is a colour that isn’t going anywhere just yet!”.

Painting Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to other considerations people overlook when painting at home, Bree explains that ignoring larger components in the space is a rookie error.

“People also don’t take into account their existing finishes such as having very red or orange floorboards – this can completely change the way your colour appears when it is next to it. The key to getting your colour right is checking it in the space and comparing it with existing finishes”.

For those of you looking to get paint colours right, Dulux allows you to purchase A4-sized paint samples, so you can move it around the room and get a feel for how it looks in the space.

Blue sofa - blue interior design ideas

Feature Walls are Back

“I think a really well executed effect can add a sense of luxury to space,” Bree explains, adding that at the high end of design, architects and interior designers are commissioning talented painters to create aged effects, textures or ombre’s.

“This signals a trend that may filter down into the mainstream in a simplified DIY form,” she explains.

Home Trends to Steer Clear of

“If there was one trend to avoid it’s investing in replica/knock off furniture and lighting,” Bree says. “Consumers are often misinformed in this matter; they believe replicas are made with permission or even have no idea it is a replica at all. I’m a big believer in affordable design, but replicas are not the answer to this.

“I’d love to see big retail brands in Australia get on board in supporting and promoting our Australian talent and producing work with them that is original and affordable – not condoning the actions of manufacturers who are blatantly ripping off what are often local designs or creating cheaply made replicas that the original designer gets nothing for”.

Bree is talking at Life Instyle from Thursday, July 30. Visit and register your place at Life Instyle’s Conversation Series.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  • Sherry

    HI Chris,

    I agree with your notion of not supporting replica furniture sellers, but in your recent project for the TheStudio, you did use a whole set of replica chairs from Milandirect.

  • Sherry

    Thanks Chris, appreciate you taking time to address my concerns.

  • nichelle

    wheere can i buy tiffany blue paint in tasmania ? thanks

  • Choosing what color to use to paint our house is a current issue we are facing with my husband. We already have furnitures that were hinted with green, we’re just not sure if we are going to push with white (dirt will be visible since we have 3 hyperactive kids) but considering sky blue or lighter green.

  • Bec Muskett

    Hi Chris,

    I Love this blog!

    I do have a question that I’d love some advice on though.

    We currently built quite a large open plan house and have gone for an industrial/rustic (but not country rustic) style. All the walls are white and dark timber floors, monument (charcoal) windows etc as we wanted a blank canvas. I now would like to add some colour to some walls, mainly just the computer nook and floating wall that the tv is mounted on at this stage but don’t want to go bright. Would you suggest a charcoal?Our pendant lights are all glass and black metal, leather couch, solid timber rustic dining table etc. The kitchen is all gloss white with white subway tiles with black grout.. hopefully this helps paint a bit.of a picture of the style we are building.
    I look forward to hearing what you think or I can add some pics if that helps?




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