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Metallic Christmas Setting Ideas and How to Execute Them

A metallic Christmas setting is packed with bling, but the budget doesn’t have to be huge. Here are some great ways to bring this look to life without raiding the bank account.

We all went a little mad when the metallic interiors trend landed a few years ago. Copper candles, bronze pineapples, gold tapware – the list goes on!

I love that this interiors fad found its way into our festive decorating schemes. And if you’re the type that doesn’t like to go super traditional at Christmas (like this setting does) then metallics are made for you.

Here are some cute ways to take a metallic Christmas setting to the next level.

Christmas Table Setting Ideas - Global Fusion

Copper is your Accent Colour

Don’t feel compelled to go too overboard with the copper colourway. This is your accent tone only. Pick a few select items in this material and let less vivid shades dominate your base palette.

In this imagery you see here, Christmas decorations were sourced from Adairs, but you’ll notice that there’s only a few of them. The other pieces are in black, brown, green and orange/warm red tones.

It’s definitely a less is more approach when it comes to bling here.

Be Inspired by Global Style

The table setting you see here takes design cues from international destinations like Morocco, so feel free to rock dynamic patterns and geometric shapes in tableware and dinnerware.

The rich, earthy colour palette bodes really well for dramatic pattern to be woven throughout, so go big and go bold.

Christmas Table Settings - Global Fusion Table Styling


Budget ways to Complete the Look

You don’t need to go out and buy everything; use existing tableware in the colours mentioned above.

Also don’t be afraid to go budget on some items. Basic brown wrapping paper with twine is a perfect idea and will save you some dollars. The same goes for napkins – just go for affordable black varieties.

I also love the idea of using a small Christmas tree as a centerpiece on a table. You can pick them up for a steal at bargain stores, so fork out the $10 and you have yourself an instant talking piece over lunch.

Christmas Table Setting Ideas - Global Fusin Scheme


Unique Place Settings

As mentioned above, keep things simple with the tableware and use existing pieces. If you want to buy something, opt for a few patterned bowls.

These will make individual place settings shine. To elevate the look even further, pop some of the ornaments from the Christmas tree into bowls on the table.

The ornaments each guest has could have a question attached to discuss over lunch. And the added bonus could be that they can take the ornament home.

Find out more in the Video Below

Are you loving the metallic Christmas setting you see here? Let me know what other tones your working into your festive scene this silly season – I’d love to know!

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