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Scandinavian Design - Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian Design Ideas for Every Pocket of your Home

Now, you know I love colour. But if I were to get a hall pass from bright decor I’d be sure to spend a night with Scandinavian design.

There’s something so breathtaking about Scandi spaces, and I find that they’re the images I tend to gasp over the most in that “take me there immediately” sort of way.

Implementing Scandinavian design ideas into your home can be easier said than done, though, because the rules can be confusing and the look can go clinical quite quickly.

Never fear, of course; I’m sorting you out with some tips to Scandi-fy a few rooms in your home with ease. So let’s do it!

Scandinavian Design Ideas for Every Pocket of your Home


Scandinavian Design - Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian Design Ideas in the Bedroom

Scandinavian design ideas are the easiest to bring into your bedroom. Why? Because texture is one of the key components of the look. That means loads of soft furnishings atop the bed. But, you do need to be careful to keep them in the signature Scandi colourway of black, white and grey.

The more varying shades you have (and varying textures like these) the more inviting the space will become. Be wary to keep lines clean, though. No frills, bells or whistles with Scandi bedding. It’s a very neat but relaxed aesthetic.

Scandi rooms always have a sense of air and space to them. To get this in your bedroom, choose a bed made from blonde or white timber. Or try a steel-framed bed in black or grey. Ensure it allows for air flow under the bed and choose bedside tables that aren’t too dominating.

Again, it’s about air and space – so ensure bedside tables aren’t flush against the bed. Also, look for varieties that differ in finish from the material your bed is made from. A wood bed with a steel bedside, for example. This will create interest in an otherwise basic visual story.

Scandinavian Design - Scandinavian Bedroom Furniture

Tip: If you want to bring a little colour to the scene, look to indoor plants. They’ll adds a pop of greenery without taking away from the simplicity of the scheme.

Scandinavian Design - Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian Design Ideas for the Living Room

You’ll notice that most images of Scandi spaces feature floors void of carpet. That’s because floorboards are a major part of making up a Scandinavian aesthetic. That’s not to say you can’t do Scandi with carpet though. You just need to bear in mind that the warmth brought to the space from the carpet means other pieces will need to be colder or harder (like wooden tables, chairs, metal lamps etc), to create balance.

As with the bedroom, furniture pieces in a Scandi living room need to allow for air flow. Look for sofas with thin legs at the bottom and ensure they’re raised off the floor. Sofa arms shouldn’t be too wide.

Look for chairs with interesting shapes and tapered legs. Button detailing on cushions can provide a nice bit of interest. Remember, because a Scandi look is so void of colour, the visual stimulation needs to be present through shapes and pattern. Geometrics are a safe bet here, so look for cushions and throws in grids or similar.

As you can see in the image above, those steel legs on the side table introduce a really nice visual moment. Stacked books are a neat idea too.

Scandinavian Design - Scandinavian Dining Room

Scandinavian Design Ideas in the Dining Room

A dining room is a zone where you won’t necessarily spend loads of time. So, comfort is less important than in a living room or bedroom.

I only say this because soft textures can be hard to work into a dining space, but you need not worry. A Scandi dining room celebrates lack of warmth. A lightweight rug can help ground a dining room that might be feeling too sterile, while chair cushions are another good idea to add softness.

Art is a really successful way to give the dining room a focal point. There will be less going on in this space in terms of furniture, so you need to make use of your walls. Introducing some interesting prints or paintings is a good idea.

While a traditional Scandi interior is all about black, white and grey, you can feature art with colour. Soft pinks, blues, mint greens and yellows are ideal. Graphic patterns are a welcome addition.

Look for a dining table with thin legs and in a blonde timber or white finish. You could opt to get gutsy and bring in a black table. Just ensure other pieces in the room are light enough to contrast its heaviness.

Scandinavian Design - Scandinavian Office

Scandinavian Design Ideas in the Office

I’m in the middle of executing a Scandi office in my own home because I love the light and airy feeling it brings to a space. I always feel inspired in bright environments like this.

In a Scandi office, the same rules apply as with a dining room table. Your desk should be white or light timber, with thin legs (tapered would be ideal), and with clean lines.

What a Scandi interior does so well is balance clean lines with soft textures. It’s why you’ll notice a very simple or streamlined desk paired with a chair featuring heavy texture (the throw above is so bang-on point!).

A Scandi office is a great place to play with storage ideas and large baskets are a good place to start. Look for belly baskets in a grey colourway or others in wicker or steel.

Typography is a no-brainer to adorn your walls with in the office. Look for quote art featuring black and white colours. Metallics like bronze and copper are an ideal way to add interest and shimmer to a Scandinavian office space, while you can never underestimate the beauty a small plant can bring to a working environment – especially in a concrete pot!

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Image credits: Hero shot via Norsu, image one via Bloomingville, Bedroom shots via A Merry Mishap, dining room from Touffu and office from DigsDigs.


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