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Norsu Interiors 2016 Scandinavian Style Living Room with Dark Teal Walls on TLC Interiors

New Scandinavian Style for your Home from Norsu

Scandinavian style has come leaps and bounds since it landed in interiors mags, and inturn our homes, over a decade ago. It’s latest incarnation, which has a distinctly bohemian, luxurious vibe to it, is packed with plenty of stylish surprises.

This new-look Scandinavian style is best illustrated in the fresh collection of photos you see in today’s post. They come courtesy of the divine ladies at Norsu; the country’s go-to brand for sophisticated Nordic design. 

Nat and Kristy – the founders of Norsu – were kind enough to offer up their tips and advice for you in today’s post, to help you achieve this striking and wonderfully layered Scandi-Boho-Luxe look in your own abode (and who wouldn’t want to give this look a go, right?!).

So forget everything you know about the all-white Scandinavian palette and prepare to expand your horizons! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below too, telling me which image from this recent photo shoot is giving you the biggest heart palpitations.

New Ways to do Scandinavian Style

Scandi Office from Norsu Interiors Scandinavian Style on TLC Interiors

Scandinavian Style is Always Evolving

“The term ‘Scandi’ has so many interpretations these days,” the ladies explain. “What was once perceived as a stark, minimal, monochromatic and almost clinical aesthetic, is now taking many forms through the introduction of more colour, texture, and overall a more relaxed and comfortable look”. 

The New Scandi features more Colour Play

“We’ve always embraced colour at Norsu, which was quite unique and obscure in the early days. We are now seeing many others jump on board to the point where it’s becoming very accepted and in some cases, the norm”.

You’ll see from the image above, that a bright pop in an otherwise subdued interior is a great way to create a focal point that’s full of surprises and anything but ordinary (isn’t that red chair just everything!?).

Scandinavian Style Gallery wall ideas gallery wall hallway from Norsu on TLC Interiors

Art is a key Component in a Scandi Interior

Norsu’s art lab is packed with striking art that works wonderfully on its own as a statement piece, or clustered in a gallery wall formation for a more eclectic approach.

When it comes to how to display your art, the ladies tell me that the key is to not overthink it – and don’t be afraid to select a number of pieces at once.

“Go with pieces that grab you and evoke an emotional response, because you are the one who has to look at it every day. Also, don’t be afraid to mix it up; a cluster of art in varying sizes, orientations and frame colours is what really sings to us.

Oh, and finally… embrace the ability to go a little overboard. The affordability of art these days really allows you do this. In our opinion, you can never have too much art on your walls”.

Norsu Interiors 2016 Scandinavian Style Living Room with Dark Teal Walls on TLC Interiors

Scandinavian Style is going Darker, too

“Particularly navy, teal green, burgundy and charcoal,” Nat and Kristy tell me. “And, heading into Winter, it’s the perfect time to experiment with darker colour”.

The easiest (and most dramatic) way to do this is with changing your wall colour, but if you’re wary to apply such drama to your walls, you can opt to bring in darker soft furnishings first, to see how they sit with you.

“To avoid things getting a little too dark and moody, make sure you break it up with some pops of pastel, particularly blush, mint and pale grey,” the ladies explain.

Scandinavian kids room with Incy Interiors gold eden bed on TLC Interiors Norsu

Scandinavian Style plays well in Kids Rooms

“There are so many great children’s interior products on the market these days, and with the power of Instagram, we all have access to it!!”

Nat and Kristy advise that when it comes to rocking the new-look Scandi vibe in a little one’s space, ensure you introduce a consistent colour palette, include some wooden features such as bookshelves and toys, and throw in some beautiful art too.

“Ensuring there is plenty of storage will help with keeping the room clutter and toy free, but the key to any successful kids room is to make sure it’s an engaging and fun space,” the ladies tells me. “You can still do this while still keeping it sophisticated, but at the end of the day, your child has to love it as much as you do”.

Boho Scandi Living Room on TLC Interiors Norsu Interiors 2016 Range

You can Source Scandinavian Style Locally

“We do love our local designers just as much as our Scandi ones however, and are blown away by the talent coming out of our very own back yard,” the ladies tell me, proving that some of the best Scandi-inspired work can be found right here in Australia.

“Aussie brands such as Cultiver, Grazia & Co, Kate & Kate, Ivy Muse, Luum, Byron Bay Hanging Chairs, Little P for Little People, Woollen Collective, Fromage La Rue, Raw Luxe Interiors, Milk & Sugar, Incy Interiors, Olli Ella, H&G Designs and Evie Group are certainly producing product to rival anything coming out of Scandinavia at the moment”.

>>> Are you loving the new take on Scandi from Norsu? I’d love to get your thoughts on in in the comments below. What’s your fave image in this post?

Credit to the Creatives:
The images in this post come courtesy of Norsu. Styling by Michelle Halford, photography by Lisa Cohen.
Click here to jump onto the Norsu website to explore more of their amazing new Scandi style homewares.


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  1. The new wave of “scandi-boho-luxe” is what I live for!! This post gives me such good inspiration for my ongoing attempts to style my “new bedroom”(now almost a year old). Hard to pick a favourite pic but the gallery wall is exactly what I’m trying (and so far failing) to do so I’ll be keeping that one nearby for my future homewares shopping trips!

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