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Girly Bedroom Ideas - Gold Polka Dot Bedding in Girls Room - Pink Polka Dot Pillow

Bedroom Ideas: 6 Colour Schemes to Rock this Spring

It’s time to start thinking about spring bedroom ideas. August is upon us already, which means winter is one month away from being a distant memory. And with the cold snap that’s been sweeping the country, sunny Spring weather could not come sooner.

Feliz Home Gold Polka Dot Bedding

Spring is the perfect time to pack away the hefty blankets and duvets, and start layering up some lighter textiles on your bed. September will be a transitional month with a few cold nights, so you’d be wise to start thinking about new bedding buys like pillow cases, quilts and throws – to not only inject some fun into your bedscape, but to act as guards against the chill.

I highly recommend mood boarding anything new you want to bring into the space to ensure that it’s going to work.

At the very least, do take time to look at the existing colour palette of your bedroom to figure out what sorts of tones will come to life through the bedding you want to buy (it might be a bit of a process but it can save you a loads of money). Always start with the mood you want to create in the space and go from there.

6 bedroom ideas you can rock this spring.

These bedroom ideas are all making me weak at the knees and each is beautiful in its own way. Read on for tips on rocking each look!

Girly Bedroom Ideas - Gold Polka Dot Bedding in Girls Room - Pink Polka Dot Pillow

Pink and White (Feminine meets Fresh)

A largely white backdrop in a bedroom is always going to make a space feel clean and fresh, but adding in some vibrant pink tones will elevate the look and make it feel visually interesting. If you don’t want to go too over the top, consider playing with delicate pattern like in the scene above. The polka dots feel relaxed and playful and don’t dominate the room too much.

Golden Rule: Split the colours 70/30. Opt to decorate 70% of the space in white and 30% of the space in pink. Any more pink than that will start to feel overwhelming. Both images above via Feliz Home.

Grey and Yellow Bedroom Colour Scheme

Grey and Yellow (Dapper and Dynamic)

Using charcoal greys as your base colour in a room will instantly make it feel dapper and sophisticated. There is an inherent masculine quality to this hue, but it can be balanced out wonderfully by bringing in a zesty pop of yellow in your bedding of accessories.

You can opt for deeper, mustard tones if you want the space to feel more mature, or you can turn up the velocity and go for lemons and even lime tones to make it feel more playful.

Bonus Tip: Pops of white are a great third player in this mix and will soften the scene. Image via Beacon Lighting.

Norsu Interiors - Monochromatic Bedroom - Feminine Bedroom Ideas

Monochromatic (Textural Heaven)

Because a monochromatic scheme explores the full colour scale from black to white, it’s essential you look to texture to create interest in the space. This approach is one of the most popular you’ll see in bedrooms, and with good reason; the more texture you have in a room, the more inviting it will feel (perfect for a boudoir!).

They key to this colour scheme, though, is to pick one of the hues (black or white) and use that as your main colour. The other will support it.

Take it next level: The addition of a third tone, like the blush tones above, will complete the look perfectly. Image via Norsu Interiors.

Blue and White Bedroom Ideas - Shibori Style Bedroom

Blue and White (Cool and Calm)

There is no better colour story for the warmer months than the cool-tone combination of blue and white. Shibori style is still big in interiors, so exploring elaborate patterns is a winning strategy here too. Keep your blues in a mid to dark tone (like navy or indigo) and the room will feel fresh and vibrant.

The best way to break up this look a bit and add a hint of warmth is to introduce some wood tones. Blonde timbers are your friend here, so if you’re in the market for new bedside tables, you know just the tone to look for.

Go a step further: Add in some rustic elements like twigs, feathers or twine to make the room feel organic. Image via Green Cathedral.

Colourful Bedroom Ideas - Colour Clashing CUshions on Striped AURA Bedding

Colour Clashing (Punchy and Playful)

Colour clashing is a really good idea if you have a room that you want to keep playful and fun. If you’re lucky enough to have a guest bedroom, why not try colour clashing in there if your master needs to retain a calmer vibe?

The best way to make this look shine is to splash your walls with a neutral that isn’t completely white. Opt for a really soft grey or even a white paint with a tint in it. Doing this will make the colours you have in the space pop a little more.

Bonus Tip: Colour clash similar tones (pastel on pastel, jewel tones on jewel tones). It’ll make more visual sense this way. Image via Urban Road.

Neutral Bedroom Ideas - Texture in Bedroom with Juju Hat on Wall

Neutral on Neutral (the Ultimate Escape)

The bedroom is your sanctuary. The place where you go to decompress and relax. With this in mind, choosing a neutral on neutral colour scheme is a genius move if you want your room to feel tranquil and serene.

The good news is, you don’t even need to look to white to achieve this vibe. Opt for soft greys and browns, a few subtle metallics and even some creamy pink tones to keep the look interesting and contemporary.

Why not try: You can add in an accent, like a pop of red. Put it behind your head and you won’t see it when you settle in to sleep! Image via Cranmore Home.

>>> Which look here is your fave? Drop me a comment below and share!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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