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Teen Rooms Tween boys bedroom from Norsu Black and White Boys Room

Tween Boys Bedrooms: Ideas, Inspiration & a Shopable Moodboard

Teen Rooms: How to Style a Tween Boy’s Bedroom

The Tween years; for a boy, it’s a fascinating, exciting, sometimes tumultuously testosterone-spiked age.

But don’t just sit there quivering in the corner anticipating the hormone hurricane to come. Jump on that journey with him! Embrace that emerging individuality, that new independence, that evolving style. Shout it with me: “TIDY YOUR ROOM – WE’RE GONNA RESTYLE IT!”

Sure Signs it’s Zjooshing Time

Here at my ranch, the signals are coming through loud and clear: The Boy Tween’s style is maturing. He’s done with the random rainbow of primary colours adorning every available surface, and now ranks moodier, more subtle hues as “so boss”.  He’s our resident couch-judge for Reno Rumble (“Those lights are, like, so dark ages!”), meanwhile he’s slowly parting ways with the likes of Scooby Doo and other cherished childhood friends. Make way, Matchbox, it’s time to move on. *Sniff.*

Moll Winner White Tween Boys Bedroom Ideas blue and yellow boys room Teenage Boys Bedroom ideas Rebels with a Cause Sign

It’s All About Balance

For all this talk of evolving taste and maturity, there’s still a staggering supply of Lego, stuffed toys and soccer boots consuming valuable real estate in The Boy Tween’s room. He’s still a little guy after all, and the last thing I want to do is hurtle him henceforth into the daunting depths of teenagehood. The key is balance – between now and later, between youthful play and playing it cool. And, while we’re at it, a balance between his right to creative expression and my right to authorise its appropriateness would be nice too. Ahem!

Teen Rooms: Checklist for a Fully Kewl Room

Bedding: There are some really spunky-looking and affordable bedding options out there on the market – a great starting point for defining the room’s look.

Bed:  A king single bed that they can continue to grow into is ideal. If space is tight, look to the loft bed. Throw a bean bag and desk beneath and it’s like their own apartment!

Storage: Tweens are not renowned for their impeccable tidying skills, but creative, easily accessed storage makes the job a whole lot easier. 

Desk: Make homework a bit more bearable (get used to it, buddy!) with a designated wow-workspace that’s easy to keep clutter-free.

Lighting: If there’s one thing worth encouraging at this age, it’s a love of reading. So a reading light and desk lamp are high on my must-have list.

Art: It makes no difference if he’s into Star Wars or surfing, ballsports or ballet… art, in all its forms, is a great way to put his interests on show.

SeatingIf space permits, somewhere for him to sit and chill – or for you to, when you’re actually allowed in – makes it a more inviting domain.

Teen Rooms Tween Boys Bedroom Moodboard on TLC Interiors

Tween Boy’s Room Moodboard

Whether it’s cutting and pasting pictures onto card, or project planning on Pinterest, making it visual is OMG FUN and a fab way to agree on styling decisions. Here’s a teen rooms concept board I put together for you. Feel free to style-steal by clicking on the hyperlinks below…  (UPDATE 19/06/17: We have removed the links as some products are no longer available. We recommend Googling the below products to see if they are still available or if you can find similar)

  1. Rebecca Judd Loves Rubicks Quilt Cover 
  2. Ball Wall Light
  3. Star Wars Poster
  4. Industrial Locker Sideboard
  5. Blue Abaca Hamper
  6. Deer Wall Hook
  7. Tully Desk Lamp
  8. Pegboard with Wooden Shelves
  9. Denim Bean Bag Skin
  10. Leifarne Chair
  11. Colour Box Desk

Are any of your teen rooms sounding the siren for a style makeover? What look do you think he’d enjoy? We’d love your thoughts below.

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