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Flashback Friday: My Homage to Purple (and how to Make it Work in your Home)

Purple Decor - Rustic Living Room Scene

I dare you to open your latest homewares mag and find a spread – or even a page – that’s laden with purple. I’ve tried this and I can assure you it’s no easy task. It seems this misunderstood hue is often left behind when it comes to interior styling – and having spent time last week looking at colour psychology, the omission of purple decor from the mags has been playing on my mind. Today I’m paying homage to this hue and giving you a little inspiration to use it in your own home (and figuring out why it has been so neglected).

Purple Decor - Grand Dining Room Deck out in Purple Purple Decor - Library in Purple Hue and Animal Print

Because it’s made up of red (a warm colour) and blue (a cool colour), purple decor can be a tricky shade to work out. Where a teal room, for example, would instantly be summed up as cool, or a terracotta room warm, purple is more complex in nature, and I assume it can often confuse the eye. Purple is also most represented in lavender shades (incredibly feminine) or that rich, Cadbury purple, so I can understand why stylists might veer away from using it and why magazines can’t get a lot of variety out of the hue.

Purple Decor - Purple Bathroom with Ombre Shower Curtain Purple Decor - Purple Dining Chairs

I think the main consideration when bringing purple into your home is proportion; working out how much your room can handle. Accessorising is another key area to focus on. Rich, dark purples will play well with gold, dark blue and chocolate brown and can evoke a sense of sophistication. White is fine also, but it will make the room more whimsical and feminine. As you can see in both images below, the use of lavender shades – paired with white – works in making the room feel soft and girly.

Purple Decor - Purple Room with Chandelier Purple Decor - Purple Baby Room with Animal Print and Cot

I’d be interested to read your take on purple. It’s a colour I actually don’t mind if it’s kept dark and rich, though in looking around my own home I’ve noticed that I’ve not used it at all. Is this because the stores aren’t stocking it, the stylists aren’t showing us how to use it or because it’s just too-hard-basket?

The good news is that Pantone’s 2014 colour forecast features a lot of purple shades, so perhaps it’s going to be popping up a little more!

Drop me a comment below and share your thoughts.

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  • Karen


    I think it looks very classy used sparingly with white, silvery greys and a touch of black.

    28 October, 2013
  • Leonie


    Found this very interesting!!

    28 October, 2013

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