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Washi Tape

5 Ways to Spice up your Space with Washi Tape

It’s undeniably the best thing to happen to the craft world since Martha Stewart; washi tape is that incredible. In this post, I’m showcasing five fabulous ways to utilise this nifty item to lift the look of your space. This tape is so addictive you’ll be washi-ing your entire world in no time!

Tape Table Using Washi Tape

Furniture Makeover | Table legs, chair legs, your partner’s legs (OK not the last one); washi tape is a cheap way to give an outdated piece a new lease on life. Ideal if you want to get involved in an IKEA hack or have another piece of raw furniture, this idea can revamp your room for less. Add a variety of colours to an item and give it some real wow factor!

Tea Lights With Washi Tape

Transform your Tea Lights | Tealights are a dime a dozen these days, but you can give them a whole new look by wrapping them in washi tape. You only need a minimal amount of tape for each candle, too, which means you could create your own little collection and gift them to friends as gifts! Creative and cheap (the best combination!).

Washi Tape Ideas - Frames and Art

Add to your Art | Traditional frames are so 2007, Creatives! Using washi tape as a cute frame around your wall art and photos is a genius idea. Ideal for an office space where things can get acceptably more crafty and whimsical, it really does add a new dimension to your space and can make a print pop. The frame shape and style possibilities are endless, too!


Pimp Your Pegs | The peg is like the tea light candle – they’re easy enough to nab and don’t cost a bomb! The same principal applies here, too; you can easily place some washi tape to the side of some pegs, create your own coordinated set and incorporate them into your gift giving. It’s such a great way to breathe new life into an everyday object!

Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Eggs become Excellent | With Easter on the horizon, I think this idea could be my fave by far. I’m loving the use of washi tape to give eggs a colourful lift this season. It’s a foolproof project you could get the kids involved in too, it won’t cost the earth and it’s a great school holiday activity. It’s decoration so good you might pass one eating the eggs altogether!

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  • Cathy Elsmore


    I just love this idea. I need together me some washi tape and play.

    10 April, 2014
    • I know right?! I feel like it truly is the craft invention of the decade!

      12 April, 2014
  • Cathy elsmore


    I officially hate spell check. I meant to get me some washi tape.

    10 April, 2014

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