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A Family Home that shines thanks to a Less-is-More Approach

[tps_header] The lure to cram a lot into your home is a strong one. But Adelaide interior designer Carissa Jade proves that a less-is-more approach is the key to a creating a family home with wow factor.

As I always say on this blog, before I trained to become an interior stylist I made every rookie decorating mistake in the book (here’s nine of them). One of the most challenging lessons to learn in my own home early on was the notion of letting pieces ‘breathe’.

Allowing furniture and decor to be surrounded by negative space can be a tough road to navigate. But when done right, it results in a truly magical design moment. Which is exactly how I’d describe the home we’re looking at in today’s post.

When Carissa took on this family home in Glen Osmond, the clients had just moved in; it was a blank canvas for Carissa to execute her magic on. The brief: To create a elegant family home with a sense of sophistication (and practicality).


A Family Home where Less is More

“The design still had to be practical for her young family,” Carissa explains. “Quality pieces that lasted a long time were important”.

To achieve the sense of sophistication the clients were after, the colour in the space was turned down and quality pieces – packed with varying textures – were used throughout.

“We decided to restrain the colour palette to mainly neutrals and blacks, and introduce interest and depth to the space through beautiful materials,” Carissa tells me.

What I love most about this space is that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what interior design style the home channels. To me, that’s always a winning strategy. By giving subtle nods to numerous classic design schemes, the entire space has depth and interest without feeling cliched.

“I would describe the space as contemporary with a touch of elegance,” Carissa says. “It really has that wow factor as you enter the space, however, it still manages to feel comforting and warm – a must for a young family!”. [/tps_header]


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