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A Family Home that shines thanks to a Less-is-More Approach



Mixing – not matching!

What Carissa has also done here – as all good designers do – is pull pieces from various suppliers. Again, it creates a room that feels interesting and incredibly well balanced – but not themed or ‘matchy’.

The stunning chandelier (from Decor Lighting) really anchors the dining room and works perfectly with the contemporary setting beneath it. The armchair (from Coco Republic) works beautifully with the contemporary lounge suite. It creates a beautiful balance of warmth and elegance, don’t you think?

While turning down the colour and using an interesting blend of materials was important, Carissa reiterates that simplicity really was the main focus in nailing the brief.

The less is more approach was definitely key to this design! It’s important to allow the space to breathe and for each individual item to shine and not be overshadowed”.

If you’d like to see more of Carissa’s marvellous design work, click here to visit her website.

Have you found the less-is-more approach a hard road to navigate? Drop a comment below and share how you got it right!


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