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A Rainbow of Colour at Opus Design Co, Paddington

Opus Design Co Paddington Store Window

You know you’re a home decor addict when your friends send you pictures of the inside of homewares stores, saying “you have to check out this place”. That’s exactly what happened with Opus Design Co; my friend Jess shot me a photo of the inside of the store via her iPhone and as soon as I got the chance I ran in there to take it all in. It’s like a decorative rainbow exploded, in the most awe-inspiring way possible!

Opus Design Co - Green Bamboo Armchair Opus Design Co - Colourful Tableware

There is something so wonderfully cheerful about Opus Design Co. The moment you walk into this Paddington paradise the bright pops just jump out and slap you with happiness. The glorious green chair is the first thing you see as you walk in the door, not to be outdone by the wooden table above, decked out with the most beautifully colourful tableware. I love how brave this colour palate is; how could you not be pleased to be at that dinner party? Below, I must say that I have never wanted to ride a bike more than I did when I laid eyes on the beauty below. That hue is phenomenal!

Opus Design Co - Aqua Bike Opus Design Co - Glazed Ceramic Bird OrnamentScreen Shot 2013-04-15 at 9.11.27 PM

Opus Design Co - Glazed Ceramic Bird Ornament and Horse Opus Design Co - Glazed Ceramic Horse Lamp Base Opus Design Co - Wicker Chair and Rainbow Set of Drawers

This is definitely a haven for colour lovers. However, amongst all the playful pops are some more subdued tones. Sure, the dresser above is not for the faint hearted, but the couch below is a perfect example of how you can go more neutral with your base pieces and use glorious soft furnishings to add interest while controlling just how much colour clashing you you opt to insert.

Opus Design Co - Colourful Cushions Opus Design Co - Cushions on Bamboo Couch Opus Design Co - Colourful Glassware

I also love the use of contrast here; the way the cushions above are scattered across the wooden seat is just genius. This three-seater could be played down for lovers of a calmer colour scheme, but here they’ve brought the neutral to life by using the right hues.

Gorgeous lounge suites, bright cushions and grand statements aside, there’s also a beautiful range of accessories like glassware, photo frames, makeup bags, candles and more. With such a wide range of options, Opus Design Co has made itself a real go-to destination for gifts on a special occasion. I dream of opening something colourful from this store sometime soon!

Opus Design Co - Makeup Bag Opus Design Co - Colourful Frames Opus Design Co - Colourful Telephones Opus Design Co - Crayon Cup and Saucer

So parents, hold onto your knickers, because I am yet to tell you about the mind-blowing children’s section at the back of the store. Granted, I don’t have a child (can you put a cat in a pram?) but even I was taken aback by how gloriously playful this space was. Get a load of the zebra heads below. Just get a load! And the ‘There’s no place like home’ artwork; I could have wet myself with excitement right there and then if there wasn’t the most amazing chevron rug underneath me.

Opus Design Co - Zebra Heads Opus Design Co - Teal StoolScreen Shot 2013-04-15 at 9.09.27 PMOpus Design Co - Store Floor Opus Design Co - Typewriter

I have to say the most charming part of this store tour and the moment that real heart was injected into the experience was when I saw the vintage typewriter above, holding onto the Opus Design Co Manifesto. This has me beaming from ear to ear. You can read it for yourself below, but my standouts were ‘Your house should feel like a home not a museum’ and ‘Our staff are worth their weight in gold’. I love a homewares store where you just feel the employees love what they do – and this is the case here. They’re also big on Jonathan Adler and this is always good news!

Opus Design Co - ManifestoOpus Design Co - Silver Roman HeadScreen Shot 2013-04-15 at 9.06.50 PMOpus Design Co - Salt and Pepper Grinders Opus Design Co - Candles and Roman Head

If you’re ever in Paddington you really must check out this treasure trove of colour. If the pictures in the blog post have delighted you as much as they have me, it’s safe to say you’re into bright hues as much as I am and this is clearly the best medicine for your addiction.

Find out more about Opus Design on their website by clicking here.

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