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I’m Loving the Neon Decor Trend: Ideas and Inspiration

Neon Decor - Cushions from Follow Store

If there’s a homewares store that’s not stocking neon decor at the moment, I certainly haven’t come across it. This fantastic fad is trending hard and with good reason; it’s a great way to inject some wow factor to an otherwise so-so colour scheme. Shall we have a look at some successful neon decorating ideas and where you can get them? Yes, we shall!

Neon Decor - Telephones from Opus Design Co
ABOVE: These telephones from Opus Design Co take old-school styling to a whole new level.
BELOW: Love the combo of neutral tones and bright orange on this cushion from Country Road.Neon Decor - Striped Cushions from Country RoadNeon Decor - Striped Cushions from Freedom
ABOVE: Freedom have the right idea with this yellow and neutral stripe cushion.
BELOW: I can’t get enough of this geometric pink pineapple tote bag from Miss Paperie.Neon Decor - Pineapple Tote from Miss Paperie

Soft furnishings have been utilised the most in displaying pops of neon and with good reason; they’re small and easy enough to change up when you get tired of the brightness.

I’ve also noticed a distinct move to use the colour sparingly, with both the major homewares stores and the independents using a combination of neutral tones with neon to keep a sense of balance and contrast. It’s a wise move to ensure things don’t get too overwhelming.

My top tip; choose one neon colour and roll with it. Display a neon cushion on a couch, for example, with some calmer colours to ensure a sense of fun without the chaos. Less is definitely more with the neon decor trend. Resist the urge to cluster these colours!Neon Decor - Cable Knit Cushion from Freedom
ABOVE: Achieve instant neon warmth with this knit cushion from Freedom.
BELOW: Pencil holders to jazz up your office are available at Follow Store, Surry Hills.Neon Decor - Neon Holders from Follow StoreScreen Shot 2013-04-21 at 3.18.06 PMNeon Decor - Clock from Freedom
ABOVE: It’s always neon-o’clock with this Clockwork orange clock from Freedom – a personal fave!
BELOW: Who says a garden has to be green? Love this neon pink twine from Garden Life, Redfern.Neon Decor - Pink Twine from Garden LifeNeon Decor - Outdoor Chairs from Darly Bar
ABOVE: These fold-out neon chairs are yet another reason I adore Darlo Bar.
BELOW: Keep your pots poppin’ with this neon-rimmed pots from Follow Store, Surry Hills.

Neon Decor - Plant Pot from Follow Store

Thankfully it’s not just cushions that are getting in on the neon lovefest. Garden centres and nurseries are also catching on. I personally always think that the garden is where you can let things get a little crazy and unkempt, so if you love to clash colour, do it here and use neon to achieve it. If you’re after something more subtle, keep an eye out for neon-rimmed pots instead.

The colours themselves are going to work best against a monochrome colour palette, with light woods or with dark woods. They’ll bode well with industrial decor too and can add life to a calm Scandi look. If you’re in an older terrace where wood and older architecture is prominent, neon can create a nice balance and breathe some modern charm into the space!

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