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Marble Splashback in Kitchen - Home of My Poppet

Colourful Wallpaper is King in Cintia Gonzalez’ Eclectic Kitchen

Colourful Wallpaper - Polka Dot Wallpaper in Kitchen of My Poppet

It was last year while travelling in Dubai together that fellow blogger Cintia Gonzalez told me about the colourful wallpaper that dominated her kitchen. I’d told her there and then that I was dying to get a look at the yellow polka dot wall that she’d described to me (as you know I go gaga for all things bright and bold), and it seems as though my prayers have finally been answered!

Just this week the talented Kate Hansen of The Room Illuminated posted photos of Cintia’s space and I’m getting severe kitchen envy over it. The up side, of course, is that I can get a dose of divine design without having to travel down to Melbs (though between you and I, a weekend in my fave city wouldn’t be half bad!).

The photos in this post are courtesy of Kate Hansen of The Room Illuminated.

Marble Splashback in Kitchen - Home of My Poppet

Cintia’s blog, My Poppet, is an arts, crafts and DIY paradise that you’ll find hard to escape once you start reading. It’s kind of like falling into a Pinterest hole; several hours will pass and you’ll awaken without a clue as to how it all happened. But you will know how to make a crochet market bag. And really… isn’t that all that matters?!

The creativity Cintia pumps into her blog has clearly spilled over into her kitchen too. That yellow polka dot wall, for starters, is something you need balls to even think about executing, yet Cintia has done it and the results are nothing short of extraordinary. Because the rest of the kitchen has been kept fairly minimal in terms of colour (but with just the right amount of quirk), the polka dots are allowed to take centre stage. It’s just the right amount of balance and I’m absolutely smitten with it.

Vintage Dining Table with Industrial Metal Chairs

The dining table and chairs you see above are also worthy of a mention, because pulling off the mis-matched chair look is no easy feat. But again, it works. Pairing metal and wood together like this is a textural match made in heaven – and gives a nice nod to both industrial and vintage aesthetics. In fact, it’s far to say that this entire space marries a variety on styles with ease, which is what I think a successful room design is all about.

I implore you to jump on over to The Room Illuminated website to see all the pics and read the interview Kate did with Cintia. It gives loads of insight into how it all came together and is well worth the read.

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  • mypoppet


    thanks Chris, what a lovely surprise. You are quite welcome to come around next time you are in town.

    7 March, 2015
  • So lovely to see Cintia’s kitchen getting the attention it deserves. Thanks Chris!

    7 March, 2015

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