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Create an Easter Table Setting in 5 Easy Steps

Easter Table Setting Ideas

With everyone making a fuss over Christmas and birthdays, I can’t help but feel that Easter has a bad case of middle child syndrome when it comes to festive decorating. This post contains 5 easy steps that’ll show you how simple an Easter table setting can be to put together!

The great thing about this setting, also, is that it mixes decor staples you’ll keep for years with low-budget items you can make yourself and get creative with. The theme itself is a woodlands (or forest) theme, which is a fun one for both kids and adults. On with the inspiration!

Easter Table Setting Eggs Easter Table Setting Plate and Flowers

5 Steps to Easter Table Setting

1. Start with a neutral base and layer organic materials
Keep your table cloth simple. There’s going to be enough happening on the table top that you want to keep your base fairly plain. Start layering with materials like synthetic grass (available at your hardware store), wicker baskets, industrial cages, hessian and more.

2. Create a centrepiece along the table runner
Ensure you have items at varying heights to create interest and flow. Things will become boring if everything is at the same level. Select some obvious Easter-themed pieces like a few rabbits, but don’t go too overboard.

Easter Table Setting Eggs and Moss Easter Table Setting Rabbit and Eggs

3. Use food as a decoration
Not only will you save some cash by using food as a decoration, but you’ll end up eating your decor, which means the cleanup will be significantly reduced! Scatter eggs around the table, place some hot cross buns in a large basket and don’t be afraid to bring in treats like cupcakes, too.

4. Add crafty, low-budget elements
Grab stuff from around your house to use on the table. Old baby food jars or coffee jars will make great vases for flowers (flowers will bring this theme to life), as will old tins. Utilise budget accessories like striped paper straws, cupcake toppers, paper serviettes and more. It’s all about mixing and matching expensive and affordable.

5. Make a goody bag up for guests
Brown paper bags make for a great goody bag. Stamp some with your own Easter themed design and have them on the table for guests to open after lunch or dinner. It’s a great idea even if your guests are your own kids. It gives them something to look forward to and is a really affordable gift idea.

The Decor in this post comes courtesy of Papaya and Pottery Barn. Hit their websites to check out more Easter styling ideas and shop the products.

Are you decorating this year?

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