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Vintage Second hand Ladder

My 10 favourite second hand finds


1 | I like a tipple or two – guilty as charged. I don’t exactly have the space in my apartment for a full-on bar area though, so this tray is as good as it gets. But I have to say – for $20 at the Vinnies salvage store – it’s a space saving bar with vintage charm – I love it!


2 | I hit Vinnies in Brookevale last weekend and fell in love with this painted ceramic plate (isn’t it cute?). It was only a few bucks and would look amazing on a wall (because plates should never be used to eat off, of course!).


3 | This amazing mirror frame has been in the family for a few years now. I found it at the Salvos in Ashfield (it’s no longer there, sadly) and it was completely gold at the time. I wasn’t too crash hot on the colour so I sprayed it black. Though I’ve now tired of this and am thinking an olive green is on the cards. What are your thoughts?

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 9.54.44 PM


4 | It doesn’t get much more second hand and pre-loved than finding this wine rack on the side of the road outside my place last year during a council clean up. I recently paid if forward and released it into the world again during my own council clean up and it got taken right away.


5 | Another amazing find from the Salvos in Ashfield (rest in peace!). This old sugar tin was lined with a blue piece of perspex but I took it out and now use it to hold candles. It looks amazing at night as the light bounces out of it across the room. Very cute.


6 | This blue vintage ash tray was too good not to snap up for five bucks. Clearly I am not into the ciggs but it did make a nice rock and candle display piece at first. Now, I use it as a key dish and it adds a nice bit of old-world charm to my pad.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 9.46.11 PM


7 | Ah, my glorious pre-loved ladder, found across the street from my place; still one of my faves and I expect it will be for quite some time. The full story I have already covered and waffled on about endlessly in a previous post.


8 | I am no kitchen whiz, let’s be honest, but I do like to throw together a quick lamington or Anzac biscuit occasionally when I watch a cooking show and feel a burst of inspiration. A second hand tray like this is a cute way to display such treats!


9 | If I wasn’t going to get cut to pieces, I could potentially just roll around in glorious glassware all day long – especially the unique and cheap stuff you find in second hand salvage stores. The glass above is now a set of three (I broke one – eep), and besides using it to house mints like the ones above, I also put desserts in there when I have people over for dinner.


10 | I saved the best for last. This amazing side board was given to me by a dear friend (a total freebie) and is without a doubt one of my must-keep furniture pieces. I have looked at this piece for a long time, tossing and turning over whether or not I should paint or spray it a different colour. But there is no turning back with that sort of overhaul, so for now I think it shall stay as is (do you like?).

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