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Channel Nature with Earthy Tones

Pine Cones in Glass Bowl with Candle

Granted, I am not one for a beige colour scheme, but the beauty of channeling nature when you’re decorating is that there are far more hues to work with than just white and brown!

Think about forests, beaches and warm autumn/fall tones. You can even work in metallics and glass and remember; the best way to channel nature is to actually bring it inside!

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 8.09.24 PMTree Branches in VaseHorns and Flowers in Metal VaseHanging Birds on Twigs

Neutral, earthy tones are going to have a very calming effect on your home. And because the palette – for the most part – will be fairly toned down, the moment you get a little bored, it’s very easy to bring in a range of subtle colours to jazz up your space.

Beige Throw on Blue Couch

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 8.09.37 PMCandle in Glass BowlWhite Ceramic Pots

An earthy palette can incorporate colours of the sea (blues and greens) and even actual items from nature. Think outside the box and instead of just utilising flowers and plants, bring in twigs and pine cones and pop them in a vase or glass bowl. You could even bring in sand or leaves. A wicker basket will never goes astray either!

Candle in Industrial LanternBeachy Candle Holders with Succulent

When it comes to dressing a space, accessorise with ceramics, pop a succulent here and there and never underestimate the power of a simple white candle. A neutral and earthy scheme will also work incredibly well in homes that already have vintage items or anything industrial (just warm the space up with some cushions or throws if it starts to feel a little cold).

Raw Timber Chairs from IKEA Wicker Basket with Dog

So remember, if you’re looking to create an earthy, natural or toned down colour scheme, it really is all about introducing subtle colours and textures and bringing a little of the outside in!

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