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Decorator Dreaming at Orson & Blake

Orson & Blake Ceramic Bird Ornament

I received some news over the weekend that delighted me to no end. My new fave store – Orson & Blake – is staying at the Supa Centa in Moore Park! I have been in and out of the store a few times since it landed a couple of months ago and this time around I took my camera to snap their unique wares. It’s tribal, it’s eclectic and it evokes a lovely sense of relaxed luxury; everything a homeswares lover could ever want!

Orson & Blake Plates and Cup Orson & Blake Rhino Head

Animal ornaments are by far my favourite part of the Orson & Blake experience. You really get a sense of the African influence with these items. I was particularly in love with the rhino head because I can see it working in my eclectic and industrial space. Their range of cushions – some continuing the African vibe I am now falling in love with – are bold and bright, providing a gorgeous juxtaposition against their more subdued furniture pieces.

Orson & Blake African Cushion Orson & Blake Gold ZebraOrson & Blake Gold TurtleOrson & Blake Orange and White Cushion

Colour is another element Orson & Blake do so well, and the store is decked out in sections that display the palettes beautifully. I am crushing on the yellow bowls below something shocking. And would you get a load of the fabric strips on the cushions further down; they’re wonderfully bohemian and capture my love of chevron too!

You’ll notice some crockery pieces through this post as well which are particularly stunning, with bold patterns and bright colours. Orson & Blake prides itself on stocking pieces that are a journey for the senses and you really get a feel for that intention when you’re there. It really opens your mind to a design experience you don’t usually have in the more traditional stores.

Orson & Blake Yellow Bowls Orson & Blake Colourful Cushions Orson & Blake Wooden Pigs

If you’re looking to find pieces that have a real sense of soul, a history and a little bit of depth, Orson & Blake is your new go-to destination. If you’re not in the market for larger items, go in for the accessories alone. Who wouldn’t benefit from a little wooden piggy like the one above or a gorgeous pink and white jar below? Their textiles, as you’ll see below, are also rather breathtaking and perfect for an Aussie winter!

Orson & Blake Pink and White Decor Jars Orson & Blake Red Cable Knit Throw

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