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Kids Room Ideas from IKEA – Storage, Crafting, Fabrics and More!

Kids Room Ideas - IKEA shelving and frames

Apart from the gorgeous Stockholm collection and their amazing new kitchen showroom, one of the big things to come out of the IKEA event I attended last week was their announcement to focus on the family for 2014. Living with kids was a large part of this focus. So, dear parents, this one’s for you; a look at five fabulous kids room ideas from IKEA that will make rooms for the little ones are fun for them and still easy on the eye for you. (This is just like an episode of Super Nanny but without the naughty spot!).

1 | Above you’ll notice beautiful picture rails being utilised in a child’s room to showcase their art and crafts. This idea is an easy one to implement and will allow your fridge to stay clear of clutter. Better yet, the kids can be taught to rotate their art (when the rails are full, you have to take one away to put one up), meaning that hoarding is just a tad harder to pull off.

Kids Room Ideas - IKEA LAK table - polka dot crafting

2 | I think I’m safe in assuming that kids love to put their own stamp on a space, right? (crayons on walls ringing a bell?), so why not let them get crafty with their desk too? This is a perfect, low-budget example of how you can get the little ones involved in an activity that they too reap the rewards of! And really, who doesn’t adore a polka dot!

Kids Room Ideas - IKEA storage for craft activities

3 | These colourful storage solutions almost make tidying a great big ball of fun (almost). The fabulous use of hue on the inside means that not only does everything have its place, but the bibs and bobs get to kick back in style when they’re not being used. You could easily label these containers too, so the kids can learn what goes where!

Kids Room Ideas - IKEA fabrics

4 | Kids’ rooms are already destined to be somewhat loud and lively, so why not have your soft furnishings join in on the scream? The colourful fabrics above are just one way to add some fun to your little one’s room, and colour clashing is most definitely encouraged. Move over kids, I want to take a nap in that nook!

Kids Room Ideas - IKEA EXPEDIT storage units in bedroom

5 | Kids’ rooms are often the smallest in the house and you’re often pressed for floor space. The solution? Go up! Consider ideas like the one above that put shelving systems onto the wall and allows the room to feel bigger. Bonus tip; you could easily put some fabric across the back of this piece to add interest!

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  • OK – this post just made me want to create my own little ‘tribe’. Shall I pop a few kidlets out? Decorating a kids room would be so much fun!

    • Haha I hear you loud and clear. Holding a baby does not make me clucky – seeing pictures like this makes me want to father a brood immediately if not sooner!

  • Was so lovely meeting you at the Ikea do. Am still to have a moment to myself in which to read the Bible, aka, new catalogue. Sigh. Fab post.

    • So good to meet you too! I have had a bit of a flick through but I really need to set aside a good hour so I can whip out my post-it notes and tag items I need to buy!


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